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Food-Obsessed Ginger Cat Gains Viral Fame By Stressing Out His Humans

Food-Obsessed Ginger Cat Gains Viral Fame By Stressing Out His Humans

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I’m sure we can all agree that orange cats are something special. People often categorize them into two groups; half of them are very aloof, lazy, and independent, while the others are lovely and affectionate.

However, I’m not entirely sure which category this incredibly mischievous ginger cat named Carrot falls into. Stick around, and maybe you can help me figure it out.

Carrot went viral for simply giving his owners anxiety, and you’ll see why. The caption on the original photo reads, “Check for cat arm b4 closing.” In that same photo, you can unmistakably spot the cat’s paw wedged between the fridge door.

This is just one of Carrot’s mischievous deeds that usually give his parents nothing but an anxiety attack.

However, Carrot wasn’t always like this. On the contrary, he had quite a rough beginning. Carrot was found all alone at a gas station, and his rescuer brought him to a local animal hospital, where a friend of his future parents worked.

The poor little guy was terrified and stressed beyond measure. He spent just a few days in a foster home before returning to the hospital. His parents recalled:

“Carrot then lived at the hospital for a couple of weeks, and our friend who worked there brought him over to our apartment one weekend when she was looking after him. It was pretty much love at first sight, and we immediately bonded.”

They initially took Carrot into foster, but less than a week later, they officially adopted him. His parents happily said:

“He is both of our first cat and our best friend, and we feel extremely lucky to have found him.”   

Once Carrot got a loving home, his true personality began to shine through. The once frightened kitty transformed into an energetic little creature, bursting with life. His parents said:

“He is extremely playful and has the biggest personality. The way to his heart is to play for sure. Any time you engage him to play, he will respond. He loves tag, biting your hand, being chased, and playing fetch with his tiger (his favorite stuffed animal since he was a kitten). He is also very clingy. If he’s not napping in his closet, he’s never more than a food or two away.”

After reading these words, there’s no denying that Carrot is indeed one special feline who never fails to amaze and entertain his human parents. One of his parents added:

“He has special nap spots in every room in the apartment that he picks depending on what room we are in. He likes to act like he doesn’t like cuddling when we’re awake, but almost every night I wake up to him sleeping on my stomach or chest. He’s also super food-obsessed! We were able to teach him some tricks with treats.”

When Carrot isn’t snoozing or indulging in his favorite activities, he’s probably plotting the next mischievous escapade he can unleash on his unsuspecting parents. 

His food obsession takes things to a whole new level. He would simply do anything for food, even risk injuring his paw, which worries his parents. They said:

“Carrot thinks it’s a game to stick his arm through the fridge crack and grab us while we are in there. No, he has never been hurt by this (lots of people on the internet seem to think that) and luckily we are only a house of two, are very careful, and we know when he’s doing it.”

Sticking his paw through the fridge crack became Carrot’s new favorite activity, and his parents put up a sign as a reminder. They added:

“The photo was not staged, and we actually didn’t even think of taking the photo until we saw him do it with the sign and laughed at how perfect it was. If it was staged, we could’ve cleaned out our fridge! Haha!”

Here’s a picture of Carrot as a young kitten, a testament to how far he’s come …

And now, he’s all grown up, undoubtedly brainstorming his next jaw-dropping act.

Yet, like many other felines, Carrot adores boxes.

Well, this scene is familiar to me… When it comes to food, Carrot will do basically anything. 

So, here’s him hanging from the table, just like Mufasa from The Lion King did in the heart-wrenching scene.

Sometimes he may look almost innocent, but don’t let that trick you…

Especially when he acts as though he’s done absolutely nothing wrong.

Sometimes, he may even bite your hand…

But, at the end of the day, he’s just a cat who wants nothing but your love and affection!

There you have it, the enigmatic and lovable Carrot in all his glory! If you want to keep up with his daily adventures and tricks, make sure you give him a follow on his Instagram profile!

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