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Cat Rescued From A Junkyard Car Seconds Before The Car Was Crushed

Cat Rescued From A Junkyard Car Seconds Before The Car Was Crushed

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Imagine the face of the junkyard worker when he opened the hood and saw a cat inside the car! Oh, poor little feline… She must have been scared!

This poor, but incredibly lucky, cat was rescued just seconds before the car was crushed. The junkyard worker opened the hood because he wanted to take out the battery, but was shocked to see a cat inside.

This frightened little cat, which was believed to be a stray, was actually a runaway pet cat. She jumped straight into the worker’s arms …

guy holding a cat on a junkyard
Source: Facebook

He held her and kept her warm inside his jacket throughout the entire shift. Then he contacted their local rescue center in North Carolina. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue shared on their Facebook page:

“With no shelters nearby and no idea how to help his new feline friend, he reached out to Brother Wolf, where his girlfriend works, to try and find the cat’s family.”

They also shared how soon after the incident, a man arrived at the junkyard frantically looking for his lost pet cat. The shelter workers found out that the cat’s name was Lilly and someone out there was worried crazy! 

“We reached out to Lilly’s caretaker, who was so thrilled to hear that his closest companion was safe and sound.”

adult guy holding a cat
Source: Facebook

“We learned from him that, despite her small size, Lilly had an adventurous spirit like no other. In fact, her favorite activity is going for a ride with her dad, whether that be in his car or his motorcycle – she even has her own helmet!”

These kind shelter workers offered to help the man by vaccinating, spaying, and microchipping Lilly, at no cost. The man was overwhelmed and gladly accepted their offer, explaining that he’ll forever be grateful to them!

blonde woman, guy and cat
Source: Facebook

The man held Lilly in his arms, with tears in his eyes! Their reunion was so touching it could “make a grown man cry”, as the shelter reported on their page:

“When Lilly reunited with her dad, the relief and happiness was so clear on both of their faces. She melted into his arms as his eyes filled with tears of joy.”

Brother Wolf really outdid themselves and Lilly and her dad could not be more grateful! Thanks to the kind hearted junkyard worker and all the shelter workers and their care, sweet little Lilly is back where she belongs.

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