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North Carolina Family Shocked To Realize Their Cat Is Stuck Beneath Their New Shower

North Carolina Family Shocked To Realize Their Cat Is Stuck Beneath Their New Shower

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In a North Carolina neighborhood, an unexpected drama unfolded involving a curious cat and a home renovation gone bad.

The Surf City Fire Department received a highly unusual call. Instead of dealing with their usual emergencies, they were asked to rescue a cat. However, this wasn’t an ordinary situation – this kitty was stuck beneath a freshly remodeled shower!

Its owners, who’d just completed a bathroom renovation, became concerned when their beloved cat disappeared. Little did they know, it had sneaked into the construction area and ended up under the floorboards, unnoticed by the workers who sealed it all up.

The fire department shared their experience in a Facebook post:

“We never know what kind of calls we will be paged out to. Sometimes our furry friends need our help. Yesterday 23-b shift responded to a cat sealed under the floorboards after a shower remodel.”

man by the shower
Credit: Facebook

Hours went by, and the homeowners began to worry. They searched their house from top to bottom, but their cat was nowhere to be found.

Their confusion turned to alarm when they heard desperate meows coming from beneath their new shower and realized their cat was trapped right there. That’s when they called the fire crew for help.

Responding to this unusual distress call, the firefighters rushed to the scene, equipped with crowbars and power tools.

rescuers taking out the shower
Credit: Facebook

They carefully dismantled parts of the shower, working meticulously to avoid causing further distress to the poor creature underneath. Piece by piece, they removed the floorboards and finally reached the cat.

The fire department later explained the incident in a comment:

“From our understanding when they were working on the floor the cat climbed down in the hole without anyone knowing. Then when it was covered up no one knew the cat was in there.”

Photos shared by the firefighters depicted the necessary destruction required to free the cat, showing torn-up floorboards and a hole where the shower once stood.

cat in a hole
Credit: Facebook

Amid the chaos, the kitty finally emerged, safe from its accidental entrapment. Thankfully, it was unharmed.

Its owners, although dismayed by the damage to their new shower, were immensely grateful to the firefighters for rescuing their cherished pet.

One firefighter, in particular, formed an instant bond with the cat during the rescue. This poignant connection was captured in a photo later shared by the fire department, depicting the kind man cradling his new furry pal in his arms, both looking content.

man holding the cat
Credit: Facebook

The whole incident ended on a positive note with the cat safe and sound, nestled back into the comfort of its home.

This heartwarming outcome has reminded me of all the crazy adventures that life with our furry friends can entail. However, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else, and I know all pet parents feel the same!

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