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This Kitty Suffered Severe Burns, But Her New Owner’s Love Brought Her Back To Health

This Kitty Suffered Severe Burns, But Her New Owner’s Love Brought Her Back To Health

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When you first lay eyes on the cute Phoenix, you might think she’s just an ordinary brown tabby without a particularly exciting story. 

However, this brave girl’s name is fitting for a reason. Believe it or not, when she was just a two-month-old feral kitten, Phoenix was literally lit on fire. She suffered severe burns but healed thanks to the care of her beloved owner. Let’s dive into her story!

Not much is known about how Phoenix got burned. The prevailing assumption is that as a lone feral kitten, she was struggling to survive and sought shelter in a brush pile during winter in the small town of Uxbridge in Massachusetts. 

One day, while she was sound asleep, someone lit the brush pile on fire, and the flames quickly engulfed her hiding spot.

Frightened for her life and in a lot of pain, Phoenix started running, desperately trying to find a safe place to hide from the scary fire.

Miraculously, she found refuge in a neighbor’s basement through a loose window. The homeowners heard the commotion and discovered Phoenix in terrible condition. 

They tried to care for her themselves, but her injuries were so severe that they soon realized she needed professional help.

They contacted a vet who, upon hearing about the extent of her burns – including a flap of tender skin hanging from her belly – insisted they bring Phoenix to his clinic immediately. 

Without hesitation, they rushed the injured kitten to the vet, already feeling a bond with the little survivor.

Sadly, realizing the length and cost of her treatment, they made the tough decision to surrender Phoenix, hoping she would fully recover and find a new home where she could receive the love she deserved.

Rising From The Ashes – Literally!

Phoenix was taken in by Fine Feline Cat Rescue In Uxbridge, Massachusetts who started her treatment the very same day. 

The story of a little burnt kitten echoed throughout the cat-lover community and reached Melissa, a kind and compassionate woman moved by Phoenix’s plight.

As soon as she heard Phoenix’s story, Melissa knew she had to adopt her – even though making that decision wasn’t easy at all. She said:

“I already had four cats. I already had two rescue dogs. And I have three children. So, I tried to talk myself out of it. But I just knew she needed a hundred percent a home that was going to spoil her and love her for the rest of her life.”

Melissa was undeterred by the possibility that Phoenix’s injuries might leave lasting disabilities – she knew she would love her no matter what.

It took seven months of painstaking treatments before Phoenix healed enough to be ready for her forever home. 

Her treatment involved multiple bandage changes, foot baths, antibiotics, and pain medication. 

Both Phoenix and Melissa were incredibly patient, knowing that all the waiting would eventually pay off. 

Initially, Phoenix was skittish; even slight noises would send her scrambling for cover. But gradually, she began to see her new environment as her home, a place where she could feel safe, loved, and cared for. 

Melissa played a huge role in this transition, lavishing Phoenix with the affection she craved. 

In return, Phoenix did the same; she quickly warmed up to her new human, showing her love and gratitude with lots of cuddles and headbutts.

When talking about their unique bond today, Melissa says:

“She’s my soul cat. I see a lot of myself in her, with just resilience. I feel calmer with her around me. And I feel like I’m that person for her, too.”

Phoenix just loves being around her mom. Anytime Melissa isn’t home, she waits patiently for her return, eager to leap into her arms the moment she enters. 

She has a sweet morning ritual of gently nibbling Melissa’s nose – not out of mischief, but as a tender gesture signaling her longing for her mom’s company. Isn’t that adorable?

As for the consequences of getting burnt, Phoenix today, unfortunately, has feline asthma for which she uses an inhaler. However, since her lungs are getting stronger, Melissa is gradually reducing her dependence on it.

Other than that, she’s a happy and healthy kitty – a true feline miracle if you will!

“She has scars, but her coat is so healthy and full that you barely notice them. She’s absolutely the most beautiful girl, and she has the softest fur and the most gorgeous coat markings.”

Melissa admires her little warrior so much who in 18 months of her life has already been through so much! She says:

“The amount that she’s been through in her life already is just… I mean, most kittens wouldn’t survive what she went through. And not only does she survive, she’s just this vibrant girl. She works through it, and she has this tenacity for life – just an amazing girl.”

I think we can all agree that Phoenix is a true inspiration! Her story proves that no matter how much someone goes through in life, with time and the right people beside them, they can still… well, rise from the ashes!

If you’re moved by Phoenix’s journey and want to keep up with her, consider following her on Instagram

Also, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. And remember: No matter what fires you go through in life – always be like Phoenix!

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