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Stray Cat Has A Sweet Surprise For A Caring Woman Who Helped Her

Stray Cat Has A Sweet Surprise For A Caring Woman Who Helped Her

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Cats have an important role in our lives, and they always manage to warm our hearts. Just like that, Reddit users worldwide have fallen head-over-heels in love with stray but brave cat mom Miso.

It all started with a video shared on a Reddit group known as a subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures,” described as “a group for things that make you go AWW!”

In this endearing video, we are introduced to a lovely stray cat, who, one by one, brings her newborn kittens through an apartment window of a Reddit user known as catnip4sale.

“I met a friendly stray about two weeks ago, gave her food and water, and showed her how to get to my bedroom window. Today, she brought me all 4 of her newborn kittens.”

As the video went viral, catnip4sale decided to share the heartwarming backstory. 

Where Did Miso Come From?

It turned out that the brave cat mom, named Miso, had been around the apartment complex for several months. Apparently, Miso’s journey began when a previous tenant lived in catnip4sale’s unit.

He was a “nightmare tenant,” who, despite not being allowed to have pets, had a pregnant cat. Although he was eventually evicted, he claimed to have found a home for the cat and her kittens. 

Unfortunately, he had lied and left the cat and kittens behind. Later, catnip4sale came across one of the abandoned kittens. She said:

“Her name is Lumi and I found her a home with one of my close friends where she now lives. I had assumed this was the only kitten. Her age, features, and behavior lined up with the fact that she was one of the abandoned kittens. (She had been crying and scratching at the door of the apartment the ex-tenant had been evicted from).”

close-up photo of stray cat with kitten

But, there’s more! After a few months, catnip4sale noticed another kitty named Miso wandering around the complex.

She suspected that Miso was related to Lumi. Concerned for Miso’s well-being, she began leaving food and water out for her. Over time, the two formed a bond and became fast friends. 

What Happened To Miso?

Catnip4sale showed Miso how to enter through the window, providing her with a safe haven whenever she needed it, along with a source of nourishment.

Then, something surprising happened. During a severe storm, Miso disappeared. However, when the skies cleared, Miso reappeared, and everything became clear to catnip4sale. 

During her absence, Miso had given birth to a litter of kittens. Once the storm subsided, Miso carried her precious babies, one by one, to the safety of her human friend’s home. 

cat carrying a kitten in her mouth

She had placed her trust in her human friend, believing that this was the safest place for her newborns. 

Miso had four adorable kittens in total, and they were later taken in by catnip4sale’s friend, an experienced foster parent for newborn kittens.

Thankfully, all four kittens were healthy and content. They received veterinary care, including vaccinations and health check-ups, preparing them for loving forever homes.

And what about Miso? The bond between Miso and catnip4sale had grown unbreakable. 

She made the heartwarming decision to adopt Miso into her family, providing her with the love and life she so rightfully deserves.

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