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This Cat Is Super Involved In His Owner’s Daily Routine!

This Cat Is Super Involved In His Owner’s Daily Routine!

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From good morning kisses to sharing sweet dreams, Milo and Heather are inseparable!

On those days when Heather can sleep in, there’s no need for an alarm clock because Milo has it covered, like clockwork at 7 a.m. But they linger a bit longer in bed, savoring all the cuddles.

“He gets right in my face and kind of nibbles a little bit.”

Who wouldn’t want to wake up like that, right?

cat cuddling with owner
Source: heatherkjc

“We stay in bed for a little while so that he can have his pets, but then when he’s ready to get up, I start getting ready for my day.”

Milo then accompanies Heather to the bathroom, patiently waiting outside if she’s showering. Later, as she goes through her skincare routine, Milo is right there, wanting to be part of the action.

“When I’m using cotton pads on my face, he likes if I rub his face with some cotton pads as well.”

cat playing with owner
Source: heatherkjc

Milo just loves being involved! The same goes for Heather’s teeth-brushing routine; he has his own toothbrush to nibble while she brushes.

“If he sees me brushing my hair, he’ll pull my arm closer to him so that I can brush him. He loves that.”

After their extensive morning routine, breakfast time arrives. Milo keeps a close eye on Heather, ensuring she prepares his breakfast “just right.” 

While she’s making her own breakfast, he’s “watching” but also hoping for a crumb or two to drop.

cute cat chilling in womans arms
Source: heatherkjc

Then, when Heather works from home, Milo spends his day snoozing beside her, occasionally reminding her that it’s cuddle time.

In the afternoon, they take breaks and head outside, especially if the weather is lovely.

“He follows me around all day, but I think he really just waits for me to sit down and be still for 5 minutes so that he can get some specified attention just for him.”

After dinner, this unique duo gets ready for bed. Heather usually reads, and Milo is right there by her side.

“He will actually push my book away with his face. So of course, I’ll put the book down and give Milo attention too, before bed.”

cat looking at woman
Source: heatherkjc

“I feel pretty lucky that somehow I ended up with one of the most affectionate cats in the entire world.”

Milo has seamlessly adapted to Heather’s daily routine, and they both cherish it. He wants to be a part of everything Heather does at the house, and she doesn’t seem to mind one bit. As she puts it:

“If he’s not around, it feels weird. It feels unnatural.”

I hope you enjoyed the heartwarming story of Heather and Milo. If you’d like to see more of their everyday adventures, be sure to check out their Instagram profile, where it seems Milo has made some feline friends too!

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