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Resilient Kitten Survives Severe Head Burn And Finds Forever Home With Her Very Own Vet

Resilient Kitten Survives Severe Head Burn And Finds Forever Home With Her Very Own Vet

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Most rescued kittens come to clinics and shelters in rough shape, but this tiny kitten, named Teresita, had an exceptionally challenging start.

Teresita was found all alone on the streets by a kind-hearted Samaritan. Upon approaching her, the rescuer noticed a severe wound on a part of her head.

His compassionate heart couldn’t bear to leave her there, so he embarked on a mission to rescue her and provide her with the professional help she so desperately needed.

Unfortunately, catching Teresita was a challenging task, taking the rescuer two whole days to succeed.

Once the rescue mission was accomplished, Teresita was brought to a vet clinic, where it was revealed that she had survived a tragic burn to her head. Louise, the clinic’s vet, said:

“This kitten’s entire pinna of the ear was gone, had a few maggots, and her skin was burned all around extending to the center of her head.”

When Teresita arrived at the clinic, she was only five weeks old, yet her young age didn’t diminish her remarkable courage. 

Due to her young age, the vets had to give her anesthesia to treat the wound properly. After waking up and regaining her strength, Teresita transformed into a lovely and playful kitten, as if her past injuries had never existed.

Teresita’s irresistible charm won over everyone at the clinic, particularly her vet, Louise. It didn’t take long for Louise to decide to foster Teresita. 

However, what began as a temporary arrangement soon grew into a deep attachment. 

Louise and her partner found themselves falling in love with Teresita more with each passing day, leading to one inevitable decision—officially adopting Teresita.

Despite having no initial plans to adopt a pet, Louise and her partner were taken by surprise. 

This one-eared, charming kitty unexpectedly became a cherished member of their family, and now, they cannot imagine their lives without her!

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