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Three-Legged Stray Cat Finds Love After Spending 9 Long Winters Outdoors

Three-Legged Stray Cat Finds Love After Spending 9 Long Winters Outdoors

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A few years back, this stray three-legged cat found his way into a man’s kitchen and demanded some love and attention. From that day on, a strong bond was formed between them.

An incredible friendship between a three-legged stray cat and a kind-hearted man.

The Heartwarming Story Of Bubby

a stray cat with three legs

The cat started showing up at the man’s house more frequently, enjoying playtime with the man’s cat named Seson. Even after Seson passed away, the stray cat continued to visit the man.

Although he had been a stray for a long time and didn’t trust humans easily, it seems like he felt differently about this man.

The man, named Boyd, provided food and affection to the stray kitty, earning his trust.

As time went on, Bubby (as Boyd named him) started to make himself at home in Boyd’s house. He claimed his own chair and found a cozy napping spot.

an old woman with stray cat

He even began climbing onto the couch and snuggling up next to Boyd. Boyd considered Bubby to be his own cat, showering him with love and wanting him to stay.

However, Bubby still maintained his independent spirit and insisted on going outside.

Sadly, Boyd passed away, and when Bubby visited the house and realized Boyd was no longer there, he never returned. Despite Boyd’s family leaving out food for him, Bubby didn’t come back for two years.

cat snuggled with senior woman

For two years after Boyd’s passing, there was no sight of Bubby. Many feared the worst until one day, Ray, a neighbor, spotted him.

Bubby appeared older and weaker, so Ray made it his mission to trap him and offer help. After months of effort, Ray succeeded! 

He arranged with the woman living in Boyd’s house to look after Bubby and let him inside if he returned.

scared stray cat

The next day, the woman called Ray, informing him that Bubby was in the house. 

“The cat is in the kitchen.”

Ray then rushed over and took Bubby to the vet. Bubby was dehydrated, malnourished, and exhausted. Fortunately, he received the necessary treatment and care. 

As soon as he was placed on the exam table, he started purring, expressing his gratitude.

Bubby’s recovery began at the shelter, where he had a stroke of luck by meeting Sarah. Instantly, Sarah knew she had to take him in as her forever companion. 

Their bond was immediate, and they had been together ever since, cherishing each other’s company for the rest of Bubby’s life.

Sarah continues to share their beautiful memories on social media, brightening the days of those who enjoy their everyday adventures.

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