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Brave Kitty Survives Her Risky Brain Surgery, Proving Everyone What A True Fighter She Is

Brave Kitty Survives Her Risky Brain Surgery, Proving Everyone What A True Fighter She Is

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Get ready to meet an adorable kitty who’s now living a happy life. But it wasn’t always this way, and you’ll be surprised to hear what this little feline has endured.

Milly, a lovely kitty, was born with an enlarged head (hydrocephalus), a malformed front leg (radial aplasia), and a slight overbite. 

Due to these conditions, poor Milly needed a special helmet and a padded environment to stay safe, earning her the title of the ‘Helmet Queen.’

Despite these severe health conditions, Milly was the sweetest and most cuddly feline ever. She was just trying to live her life to the fullest. Her foster mom, Caroline, said:

“I wish everyone could meet Milly! She’s so special, and she literally radiates love and joy. She loves everyone and wears her heart on her sleeve.”

When Milly was only two months old, someone got her for free, but they soon realized the kitten needed help. That’s how Milly ended up at Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, CA.

Sadly, most kittens facing such health issues have little chance of survival, but Milly was truly one of a kind.

Moreover, she was fortunate to find a home with a wealth of experience in caring for similar kittens. 

Before Milly arrived, there was a furry boy named Otter with a similar condition. He had to wear a helmet before undergoing a successful surgery.

In Milly’s case, she had a big noggin, but her fontanelle, or soft spot on her skull, was closed. Unfortunately, this meant added pressure due to fluid buildup in her brain. Her case required a special and risky operation with incredible technology.

Everyone was amazed by Milly’s personality. Despite her severe condition, she remained a playful and affectionate kitten every day. Just like Otter was the ‘Helmet King,’ Milly became the ‘Helmet Queen.’

Milly’s surgery was both risky and expensive, but the entire team hoped for the best. People fell in love with her charming personality and did their best to give her a second chance at life. The team said:

“This is by far the most expensive surgery we’ve ever provided. But Milly is worth it. Her life matters. And she has the chance to live a full, healthy, and happy life if she gets this surgery! So we are going to give her that chance.”

Thankfully, the brain surgery went incredibly well, thanks to the professional team. As far as Milly was concerned, she sailed through it brilliantly. The rescue team said:

“I’m SO grateful Milly had the opportunity to receive this surgery!!! Up until very recently, hydrocephalus was a death sentence for cats and dogs. But thanks to progressive veterinarians like Dr. O’Neill at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital, kitties like Milly now have the chance at living a full, healthy, and happy life with shunt surgery!”

Even though Milly survived the surgery without complications, she still needed a slow and long recovery. But she proved to be a fighter and impressed everyone with her progress. The rescue said:

“I was astounded by how smoothly Milly recovered and never once lost her spark and joy. After her surgery, we slowly started weaning Milly off of the medications she had been on for months to control her hydrocephalus.”

Following her successful surgery, Milly not only received a second chance at life but also found her forever home. The rescue team happily announced:

“Milly was adopted by the most amazing couple. She will be the queen of her home, like she wants and deserves. Her mommy & daddy work from home most of the time, so she will get all the snuggles and attention she could ever want.”

I’m overjoyed for Milly because, after everything she has been through, she truly deserves this happiness in her life.

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