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Missing Cat Discovered Rolling All Over Catnip Aisle Of A Local Store And It’s Hilarious

Missing Cat Discovered Rolling All Over Catnip Aisle Of A Local Store And It’s Hilarious

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Most cat parents are devastated when their cats go missing, and this story started just the same way. However, an unbelievable twist turned it into a story to remember.

These cat parents reported their feline companion missing, only to discover him at a nearby store.

Photo of cat rolling in the catnip products
Credit: YouTube

However, as it turns out, the cat was more “lost” than anyone initially thought—lost in every possible sense. The cat’s owners entered the nearby store, only to discover their cat rolling around different catnip products, having the time of his life.

According to YouTuber Sensual Cat, who captured everything on video, the cat accidentally wandered into the store. 

But, that seemingly accidental decision turned out to be the best one in his life, thanks to an abundance of catnip products to roll around in.

But Why Are Cats So Attracted To Catnip?

Catnip is a herb in the mint family, irresistible to many cats due to its production of an organic compound called nepetalactone. That compound enters a cat’s system through the nasal passages. 

Nepetalactone can be released when the catnip is crushed, chewed, or simply rubbed against. So, when a cat inhales nepetalactone, its molecules bind to cells in their nose, sending a signal to the brain to go wild. 

In essence, catnip makes our feline friends feel good. However, scientists aren’t entirely sure why. They believe that cats respond to nepetalactone as though it were a pheromone. Consequently, each cat can react differently to catnip.

catnip plant

Some cats may try to eat it, while others will just roll in it, much like the lost kitty in the store. But the real fun begins when catnip takes its effect.

When it does, cats may become hyperactive, running and jumping around like crazy. On the other hand, some cats may become more sedate, extremely calm, relaxed, and even drool around.

So, you can’t predict the cat’s reaction after inhaling catnip, and don’t be surprised if your cat doesn’t react at all.  

Approximately 30 percent of domestic house cats don’t respond to catnip at all. Remember, just like humans, every cat is different and unique!

Now, What Happened To The Lost Cat?

lost cat rolling in catnip products
Credit: YouTube

While some cats may not react to catnip at all, we’ve seen that this lost kitty had quite the reaction. Once he discovered the catnip in the store, he became focused on one thing only—catnip—and rolled in it as much as he could.

Eventually, the owners found their cat, although it’s uncertain whether the cat was aware of their presence after enjoying such an intense catnip session.

The important thing is that the store manager decided not to “pur-ess” formal charges on the lost tabby for trespassing and drug possession. So, kitty, you better watch your step next time!

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