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Family Breaks Down After Seeing What Their Cat Did With Their Late Dog’s Portrait

Family Breaks Down After Seeing What Their Cat Did With Their Late Dog’s Portrait

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When Cleo, the elderly dog, reached her golden years, her once-dark muzzle turned snowy white, marking a peaceful phase in her life.

However, this tranquil chapter took an unexpected turn with the arrival of Groot, a spirited kitten who brought new adventures and lively moments into Cleo’s world.

a dog and kitten
Credit: Asya Cutrino

Initially cautious of the newcomer, Cleo soon warmed to Groot’s playful energy and affectionate nature. As time passed, Cleo and Groot became inseparable pals.

Their owner, Asya Cutrino, shared in an interview:

“She became his friend. As time went by, they bonded.”

Groot, always eager for a chase or a cuddle, found a willing companion in Cleo, who, despite their differences, welcomed the warmth of his feline friendship. Together, they discovered comfort and joy, often found curled up side by side.

cat touching dog ear
Credit: Asya Cutrino

Sadly, the heartwarming companionship between Cleo and Groot wasn’t meant to last forever. After ten months of shared adventures, Cleo fell ill and crossed the rainbow bridge a week later, leaving a palpable void in their home.

The loss devastated Groot, who seemed to feel his friend’s absence acutely. He would sit by the front door, waiting desperately for Cleo to return, as Cutrino shared:

“Groot would sit at the front door, waiting for her to come back. She was depressed.”

cat lying with dog
Credit: Asya Cutrino

After Cleo’s loss, the family honored her memory with a large portrait capturing her joyful face. But it wasn’t just the family who found comfort in this tribute…

None were as moved by Cleo’s portrait as Groot himself. Each day, the kitty would sit before it, placing his small paw on Cleo’s image as if seeking reassurance that she was still there.

The family couldn’t help but cry witnessing such devotion, as Cutrino shared:

“Me and my whole family cried a lot when he did it.”

cat looking at dog portrait
Credit: Asya Cutrino

Though the pain of losing Cleo has softened over time, memories of her remain bittersweet but cherished. Cutrino explained:

“Every now and then, he stops by the portrait. I’m sure he remembers her… When I watch old videos of Cleo, and she’s barking, Groot immediately runs to see if she is there.”

cats sitting on the table
Credit: Asya Cutrino

While Groot and the family never forgot Cleo, their hearts still had love to give. Recently, they welcomed a new kitten who brought with her the promise of fresh laughter and new memories.

Cutrino feels Cleo’s spirit is still very much a part of their lives. She knows that Cleo’s legacy will live on in the love they share and the joy they continue to find in each other’s company, adding:

“She is always here, in us and in Groot.”

Through their cherished memories and the new bonds they forge, their home continues to be filled with Cleo’s presence. This reminds us all that the bond we share with our pets never truly leaves us.

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