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Cat Takes Dad Jokes To A Whole New Level And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

Cat Takes Dad Jokes To A Whole New Level And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

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I remember the first time I saw this cat, it was of course from a meme that his owner made. I laughed really hard, because it really looks like “he told his favorite dad joke” and he’s proud of himself. 

Cats are simply hilarious, and then when you add a bit of imagination and capture them at the right moment… Those photos can turn into real good humor and go viral. Just like the ones including smiling Chestnut.

cute smiling cat
Photo from:

Beware Of What You Post Online, You Might Just Get Famous

This cat’s owner captured him at just the right moment, posted him online, and after just two photos of a smiling Chestnut, they went viral. 

Chestnut is the happiest cat you’ve ever seen
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

As you can see, Chestnut is smiling and his owner’s imagination was just the thing that was missing for this kitty to become a furever meme

you can always server as a bad example
Photo from:

It didn’t take long before people started making their own jokes with these pics as a template. 

jokes that people started writing
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

Chestnut’s owner, Reddit user Chazay, originally posted this meme, and other people followed by recreating some old dad jokes with this cute template. 

We’ve all been in those situations where a certain dad tells a certain joke, and you just stand there with a fake smile… However, with Chestnut in the picture, it’s either funny or too cute to get mad about it. 

you know what they say abaut cliffhangers
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

There’s nothing wrong with a little fame… Chestnut gained a lot of popularity and Instagram followers after his smiling pics went viral. And let me tell you, he’s a cutie in real life!

the cat is standing on a scratching post and looking at the camera
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

Most people know the “dad joke” memes and his face from that template, but what many aren’t aware of is that his name is Chestnut and that he is a truly handsome boy.

a beautiful cat is sitting and looking at the camera
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

With his face, these jokes will make you smile, and bad puns will leave you in a chuckle instead of eye-rolling. 

Owner Uploads Photos Of Their Laughing Cat
Photo from:

Besides being the all-time cutie, and “dad joke” meme cat, Chestnut is similar to many other cats. He’s cuddly, affectionate, and really smart. He had no problems with leash training and really loves his outdoor adventures.

the cat is standing on a tree and looking around
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

Other than that, he can be a bit dog-like. First off, he likes walking on a leash, secondly, he greets his owners at the door, and he pants. 

the cat sits on the tiles with its tongue out
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

Also, he really likes to sploot…

cat stretched out on the couch
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

I believe Chestnut is aware of his photogenic side… he is fit to be a model. And, just like all cats, he really likes to nap.

the cat is sleeping with its paw up
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

Hahaha, I believe that with all his fame, Chestnut began to understand his “own jokes” and started to laugh at himself.

the cat sits on the carpet and yawns
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

This cute cat has many traits, and his goofy side is just one part of his personality. He can also be very majestic and pose like a model.

the cat sits and looks ahead
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

I hope you liked getting some more info on the famous “dad joke” cat. He’s pretty much like any other cat, with all his various traits and quirks. Did you like Chestnut’s story? Did you know him before? 

a cat leaning on a chair is looking at the camera
Photo from: @prince.chestnut

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