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19 Cat Stories That Prove Cats Are The Funniest Pets

19 Cat Stories That Prove Cats Are The Funniest Pets

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My cat Mikey, whom you already know all too well, often farts and then sits with a judgy look on his face like he’s thinking “Where’s that smell coming from?”

cat laying

We recently asked our Happy Whisker followers what is the funniest thing their cat has ever done. Here are the hilarious results!

1. Submitted by Robin Joseph

“Not my cat, but my Great Grandniece’s kitten jumped up and smacked her in the mouth when she was screaming and having a toddler tantrum. She even stopped screaming and laughed.” 

Boss move cat, boss move! 

2. Submitted by Joan Chretien Sercovich

“Got herself into this situation:”

funny cat in a box

3. Submitted by Joan Foster

“Jumped into the used toilet when I tossed a tissue into it just before I flushed it. It was nasty and so was he. Couldn’t help but laugh as he was just a little kitten and didn’t know any better. He was chasing the tossed tissue. His name was Pumpkin and he got a good bath that night inside the commode and afterward!”

4. Submitted by Veronica Gamboa

“My cat found a tiny mouse outside. She had it in her mouth, and with her mouth, she threw it up in the air and swatted it like it was a baseball.”

5. Submitted by Dottie Meacham

“My husband was lying on his stomach on the sofa, and the cat was on his back. My husband “cut the cheese” and the cat jumped up and started scratching “trying to cover it up.”

6. Submitted by Elaine Drag

“Pretending to be a potato.”

cat in a wooden box

7. Submitted by Corkey Camps

“My cat Drac would invite the neighborhood cats into our apartment. Left the window open when I went out. He must have had a party, there were ten cats inside when I got home. They all split when I turned the lights on. He sat there looking very annoyed at me!”

8. Submitted by Katie Iverson

“My cat was always balancing on the shower rod. Once Hubby was taking a shower & she slipped. She destroyed the curtain & came rushing out looking left & right with the wildest eyes like she was wondering what the hell happened!!”

9. Submitted by Cacy Carrasco

“Hop in the clothes dryer and peek out with his head cocked.”

little kitten in a washing machine

10. Submitted by Billie Joyce Coggins

“I had one cat that turned off the TV because there was a lady singing an opera song.”

11. Submitted by Margaret Siassi

“My male sitting on top of my female while she thinks about how she is going to get him back! I had one cat that turned off the TV because there was a lady singing an opera song.”

cats on sofa

12. Submitted by Melody Engel

“Zoe put her foot in my mouth to stop my snoring!! Yuk.”

13. Submitted by Linda Fiets

“Fell off the couch into the trash can and then looked at me like it was my fault!”

14. Submitted by Carla Crim

“Cami my cat threw her toy in the air and it hit me in the face, I laughed so hard!”

cute cat on couch

Look at that innocent face… Hahaha, cats are the best!

15. Submitted by Sherry Stroy

“Stuck his head in my yawning mouth.”

16. Submitted by Claudette de Silva

“My kitty sweeps the floor around his dish after eating. He is crazy neat. He loves to polish the furniture and wooden doors too.”

ginger cat on wooden chair

17. Submitted by Robert Sayre


Short but to the point! It’s always funny when cats get the zoomies.

18. Submitted by Fred Munn

“I spent an hour looking for him and found him chilling in the laundry basket.”

cat in laundry

19. Submitted by Eugenius Kron

(This one is a joke, but it cracked me up)

“Passed out from pole dancing.”

cat sleeping in a funny position

And I bet we can all relate to this comment by Paul Douglas Raeck: “Where should I start, LOL!” 

There’s so much our cats do that makes us laugh, that sometimes it’s hard to pick just one when we ask what was the funniest thing your cat did. 

I hope you’ve had a good laugh with us, and if you want to be featured on our website, follow us on Facebook and engage in our fun posts!

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