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Watch This Kitty Get Completely Thrown Off By His Unexpected Guest

Watch This Kitty Get Completely Thrown Off By His Unexpected Guest

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We all know cats as natural-born hunters, often seen stalking small animals like rodents, birds, and even rabbits. 

However, have you seen the video of Yorgi, the beautiful white cat who seems hilariously spooked by a tiny sparrow?

kitty with a bird
Credit: Kitticanal

It turns out this little bird flew right into Yorgi’s home. While his owner planned to take care of it, Yorgi had a different reaction.

Instead of tapping into his hunting instincts, he kept his distance, watching the bird curiously. 

Eventually, he got a bit braver and started to sniff around the bird, but he still seemed pretty cautious.

cat sniffing bird
Credit: Kitticanal

Yorgi was definitely thrown off by this unexpected guest. Maybe he’d never seen a bird this close, or perhaps he just hadn’t had much chance to hone his hunting skills, which I highly doubt. 

Whatever the case, he appeared a bit skittish – but you can judge for yourself:

Okay, so maybe Yorgi wasn’t exactly scared, but it’s still a bit unusual that he didn’t even playfully go after the little bird.

What do you think? Was Yorgi truly frightened, or is the video just cleverly titled to grab our attention? Let us know your take in the comments!

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