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Lonely Elderly Cat Meets Her Baby Brother, What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart

Lonely Elderly Cat Meets Her Baby Brother, What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart

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Almond is an 11-year-old cat who lived a pampered life, showered with love and affection from her owners, yet something was missing. Almond craved a different connection, one only a furry sibling could provide.

Concerned for her well-being, her humans decided to adopt another kitty to keep her company, and her reaction will melt your heart.

The Life Of A Lonely Cat

ginger cat
Source: TikTok

Being an only child is great, but it comes with potential downsides too. Despite being loved and cherished by her owners, Almond needed a furry companion.

As her owner shared in a TikTok video that quickly went viral, Almond started showing signs of loneliness:

“She was spending most of their time looking outside which is normal but we could tell she was lacking stimulation (she is 11).”

orange cat looking trough window
Source: Instagram

Her owner then explains how Almond’s daily routine started changing, showing symptoms of depression. She would spend most of her day sleeping, and their attempts to entertain her, for example with new toys, often failed.

The situation became alarming when the owners noticed Almond licking and grooming her toy just like cats do to each other, in a desperate attempt to alleviate her loneliness. 

“She was longing for a different kind of connection.”

Meeting The Younger Brother

The owners wasted no time and decided to adopt a new kitty. They went to the shelter and came back home with a new kitty that would soon become Almond’s younger brother.

“We decided to name him Cashew. So then we would have Almond and Cashew.”

cute ginger cat
Source: Instagram

The introduction went pretty much as expected. Almond was not thrilled to see a new cat in her house and she made her feelings very loud and clear. 

“It began with a lot of hisses and growling. Almond was not happy about this new kitty in her territory.”

Almond spent the following days cautiously observing the new kitty, occasionally letting him know how she felt about him. The hissing decreased gradually, but it wasn’t until a week later that she made friendly contact with her baby brother.

two ginger cats
Source: Instagram

Love Grows Between Siblings

After overcoming the initial hostility, the kitties began to make friends with each other. It started with playful wrestling and soon led to more interactions, fostering a bond between them.

“They began spending most of their time together. Always going to the same room.”

As the days went by, that bond grew stronger. Friendly playfulness quickly evolved into affectionate gestures, culminating in the heart-melting sight of two cats cuddling.

“Almond would groom him the way she groomed her toys.”

two ginger cats kissing
Source: Instagram

Almond was once again the happy cat she used to be. With a companion by her side, she now spends her days playing and cuddling. And probably occasionally parenting her baby brother. We know very well how unhinged little brothers can be.

The owners are beyond happy to see the two of them living their best lives.

“The best decision we could have ever made.”

two ginger cats laying
Source: Instagram

This video quickly won the hearts of the TikTok audience, resulting in more than 3 million views and over 300 thousand likes so far. The story of two kitties making friends made many people emotional:

“All I do on this app is cry”, said one of the comments. Another user came up with an interesting idea: “Perhaps they need another cat? With a name like Peanut?”

Make sure to follow their TikTok account so you get your daily dose of Almond and Cashie. And who knows, maybe Peanut will join soon.

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