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Cat Gets A Second Chance At Life After Being Thrown Out Of A Vehicle In Pennsylvania

Cat Gets A Second Chance At Life After Being Thrown Out Of A Vehicle In Pennsylvania

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Every year, numerous cats are abandoned across the USA, but what hurts the most is that some animals are abandoned in the cruelest and most heartless ways.

Such was the fate of a Persian mix cat named Nelly, tossed from a vehicle in the middle of a Pennsylvania road. Fortunately, he got a second chance in life thanks to a Good Samaritan who offered him a helping hand.

cat being scratched
Credit: CBS News

A kind-hearted woman recently witnessed one of the cruelest acts towards an animal. As she was driving home, she witnessed the heart-wrenching scene: a cat being tossed out of a vehicle.

Though shocked, the woman didn’t hesitate to react. She instantly pulled over and rescued the poor feline.

Nelly the cat was in a state of shock; however, his life was about to turn around as the woman rushed him to Frankie’s Friends, an animal rescue in New Kensington.

cat at home
Credit: CBS News

Becky Morrow, a medical director and president of Frankie’s Friends, noted how fortunate it was that Nelly didn’t run away, as that would have made the rescue much more difficult.

Although frozen in fear, Nelly was miraculously fine and physically unharmed. He just needed some time to recover emotionally. 

On the other hand, it remained unknown who threw the cat out or why. However, one thing is for sure – whoever did it, committed an act of animal cruelty.

cat on kitchen desk
Credit: CBS News

Moved by this horrific event, Becky Morrow remarked in an interview:

“This is a horrific example of abandonment of an animal, which is an act of animal cruelty. But certainly, there would have been a better option for that individual if he cared at all about the cat.”

Now, what matters the most is that Nelly is going to be alright, despite the trauma he endured. He’s very scared but also incredibly friendly and lovely.

Once he fully recovers, Frankie’s Friends will help him find a perfect family where he’ll be able to enjoy his life to the fullest, as he truly deserves. 

Hopefully, the main culprit will be found and justice for Nelly will be satisfied. Until then, let Nelly’s story remind us all that cats are not toys, but living beings and lifelong companions.

Being a pet parent comes with a great responsibility, and those who are not ready for that, shouldn’t have pets at all.

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