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Cat Wakes Up Her New Owners Each Night For The Most Heartwarming Reason

Cat Wakes Up Her New Owners Each Night For The Most Heartwarming Reason

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As proud cat parents, I’m sure we’re all familiar with the term ‘night zoomies.’ It refers to the outburst of energy our feline friends have every night, right when we’re in deep sleep. 

If you’ve ever been woken up by the rustling of plastic bags in the kitchen or felt a weird nibbling sensation on your toes, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Lauren and Sean sure do! As proud cat parents of an adorable kitty called Ash, they’ve fallen victim to her nighttime mischief several times.

Luckily for all of us, they’ve decided to film her little nocturnal antics and share the video on TikTok for all fellow cat parents worldwide to see!

gray cat laying on a rug
Source: TikTok

When Lauren and Sean first saw Ash at their local shelter, they fell head over heels for her. 

She was, in their opinion, the sweetest cat there, so they decided to adopt her, excited about the life they would share together.

The couple initially thought they had brought home a cuddly and calm kitty, but their little furry rascal soon proved them wrong. 

Speaking about Ash’s nighttime antics in an interview, Lauren shared:

“Her wild side does come out. Our cat who I thought was relaxed and chill is the complete opposite at night.”

woman holding gray cat
Source: TikTok

Soon, both Lauren and Sean realized their sweet furry angel wasn’t quite as sweet as they had thought. 

After several nights of having their toes and noses bitten, being jump-scared, slapped, and generally having their sleep disturbed, they decided to film Ash’s night zoomies to see what she gets up to while they’re asleep.

They edited two months of footage down to two minutes, posted it on Lauren’s TikTok, and in just a few days, it garnered almost 30 million views. Can you imagine that? 

Here’s the viral video you simply can’t miss:


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♬ original sound – The preppy three🌸

As you can see, Ash is terrorizing both of her parents, though it seems Lauren got the shorter end of the stick. As she wrote in the video, Ash usually “goes after the one who gives the most treats.”

Fortunately for Lauren, her beloved Ash makes up for any mischief every morning by snuggling next to her favorite human. 

It’s like her way of saying, “Sorry for scratching you last night and not allowing you to sleep, mom.”

couple and cat sleeping together
Source: TikTok

Sometimes, Ash moves on to terrorize Sean, especially if he dares to lie down near her mom without consulting her first. 

Sean usually just shoos her away, though that doesn’t stop her from returning.

Waking up tired and with random cat toys inside their bed has become a reality for Lauren and Sean – a reality they wouldn’t trade for the world! As Lauren says:

“We are so much happier together with this beautiful cat. After all this, I think all that we learned is that she really just wants to play with us and be with us.”

And who could blame her, really? If she wants to spend her time with her pawrents, they must be doing something right in raising her, as she obviously loves them so much.

fat gray cat and woman
Source: TikTok

For Lauren and Sean, having Ash might mean waking up tired every morning, but it also means waking up without that annoying alarm sound. If you ask me, it’s much better to be woken up by a cat anyway.

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