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Stray Kitten Chose A Yorkie To Save Her From The Harsh Street Life 

Stray Kitten Chose A Yorkie To Save Her From The Harsh Street Life 

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What warms my heart the most is seeing cats and dogs being best friends. All those talks about them being sworn enemies are finally becoming history!

I’ve told you about many rescue stories where a dog helped his human to save a kitten in need. However, in today’s story, an adorable Yorkie named Hazel decided to take things into her own paws!

Yorkie and kitten
Source: Instagram

Hazel and her mom were enjoying their usual morning walk when a little fluffball decided to jump out of her hiding place.

A small 3-weeks-old calico kitten was all alone, abandoned in the streets. This tiny fluffball saw Hazel and her mom and figured out this might be her chance to get adopted!

Yorkie and stray kitten
Source: Instagram

At first, Hazel was confused. This tiny thing was meowing at her and instead of following her owner, the kitten decided to follow Hazel!

The kitten kept following Hazel, and this smart Yorkie soon realized she might be getting a new sister. So with every step she took, Hazel would turn around and make sure the kitten was keeping up.

stray kitten and dog
Source: Instagram

Hazel’s mom made sure to catch it all on camera and she decided to let Hazel bring the kitten home. 

Step by step, Hazel brought the kitten home. Their mom opened the door and Hazel jumped inside waiting for her new sister to join her. 

dog playing with kitten
Source: Instagram

However, since the kitten was so tiny, she couldn’t jump on the staircase all by herself. Hazel was there to help and she gently took the kitten inside her mouth and carried her inside! 

adorable stray kitten
Source: Instagram

Hazel and her mom fostered the kitten, but she was officially adopted by a family member. The tiny fluffball found her forever home with the help of a dog!

This heartwarming story sure made my day so make sure to watch adorable Hazel and the tiny kitten over on Instagram!

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