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Nothing Can Stop This Faithful Cat From Following His Human Sister To School Bus Every Morning

Nothing Can Stop This Faithful Cat From Following His Human Sister To School Bus Every Morning

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Meet Craig, the coolest cat in town, whose number one mission is looking out for his family. The Leathermans have turned Craig’s life into the ultimate feline dream, and this rescue cat is on a heartfelt mission to show some serious love in return.

This dashing tuxedo boy takes immense pride in being the guardian of his family. But guess what? Among all his responsibilities, there’s one that takes the crown.

Every morning, Craig becomes the ultimate cool cat by escorting his 7-year-old human sister to the bus stop. 

Strutting side by side, they wait for the school bus to roll up, and once she’s safely on board, Craig heads back to the porch, where mom Jessica eagerly awaits his triumphant return.

In heartwarming TikTok videos, Jessica spills the beans on the extraordinary bond between Craig and his sister, making it clear why this clever cat decided to take charge of bus duty all on his own!

Come rain or the shining sun, Craig does his job with dedication. Jessica reveals that Craig’s outdoor adventures are limited to bus duty time, and weather conditions don’t faze him. 

And let me tell you, when that bus rolls up, it’s like a celebrity sighting for all the neighborhood kids. 

Craig, the handsome tuxedo sensation, has become a “local legend,” and his debut bus duty video on TikTok has skyrocketed to over 8 million views! 

He is now the star of his mom’s account, and fans can’t get enough of the Craig content. Likes, views, and a flood of comments praising Craig as the ultimate good boy.

@craig_the_cat We love this cat. He’s the best. #cat #catsoftiktok #rescuecat #sheltercat #fyp ♬ You Got A Friend In Me (From "Toy Story") – Karaoke Version – Urock Karaoke

Someone even asked the burning question: Does bus duty pay well? Well, turns out, Craig’s compensation includes endless treats and cuddle time. Not too shabby, huh?

Craig’s Backstory

Let’s rewind to how Craig joined the Leatherman family. While shopping for dog food, Jessica and her daughters stumbled upon a cat in a cage who was seriously down in the dumps. Even pets and scratches couldn’t lift his spirits. 

However, Jessica knew he was destined to be in their lives. Although her husband needed some convincing, Jessica’s persistence paid off!

Especially when she found a Facebook video of a cat walking on a leash – none other than Craig! That sealed the deal, and now Craig has a forever home with the Leathermans.

It’s a common story that adult cats often get overlooked at shelters with everyone wanting cute kittens. The same applies to Craig; he had spent more than 8 months at the shelter, most probably because he was an adult cat. 

But Jessica’s got a point: consider adopting an adult or even a senior cat. They’ve got just as much love to give as the little ones.

Who knows, maybe there’s “a Craig” at your local shelter right now. It’s worth checking out and giving an adult cat a shot at their happily ever after. You might just find your own legend in the making!

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