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Cat Abandoned On The Brooklyn Sidewalk Was Frozen With Fear Until Kind People Came By

Cat Abandoned On The Brooklyn Sidewalk Was Frozen With Fear Until Kind People Came By

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It’s painful to think about all the cats who get abandoned each year. Yet, it’s truly devastating to see how many owners leave them behind without even trying to secure them a new home.

Today’s story is about one of those cats, left alone on a Brooklyn sidewalk to fend for himself.

This poor abandoned cat was found in a carrier on the sidewalk in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. When the Brooklyn Kitty Committee received his photo, they immediately initiated a search.

cat in a blue box
Source: Instagram

Uncertain of his exact location, they teamed up with another Brooklyn rescue group, Greenpoint Cats, to track him down. As Greenpoint Cats staff shared on their Instagram account:

“This poor cat had been left outside in a carrier where he sat for hours, frozen with fear. It’s heartbreaking to imagine the fear and confusion he must have felt to have been left on the sidewalk like trash.”

gray cat in a cat carrier
Source: Instagram

Thankfully, this team had two volunteers near the cat’s location, Amber and Sawyeh, who immediately hurried to the scene. As soon as they spotted him, they realized how desperate he was. The shelter continued:

“The door had been opened and yet still he sat there, too scared to exit.”

This poor cat remained sitting in the corner of his carrier, soaked in urine and frozen with fear. The scene was utterly heartbreaking.

Without wasting a moment, the kind-hearted duo rushed him to the vet. Throughout their trip, he remained nestled in his carrier, silent and still.

Greenpoints Cats continued:

“He is an unneutered young male cat – exactly the kind of cat that finds itself dumped on the streets once old enough to start exhibiting the behaviors and smell of an intact male.”

sweet cat in a box
Source: Instagram

The caring vet staff provided this helpless soul with necessary medical care, including neutering, and set him on his path to recovery. His rescuers then took him under their care, naming him Slater.

Despite his fear, Slater was a good boy who longed for affection. With a bit of chin scratching and hearty meals, he gradually started to open up.

The rescue team shared Slater’s story online, and not long after, a loving couple offered to foster him. They ensured he had all the freedom and comfort to unwind and recover at his own pace.

couple and cat in a bed
Source: Instagram

Once he adapted to his new surroundings, Slater began to feel more at ease. With each new day, he grew closer to his hoomans and as he became more and more confident, he began seeking attention and cuddles.

Within a short span, Slater blossomed into a cuddly sweetheart who enjoyed curling up with his hoomans on the couch, purring happily. He showed his trust by rolling on his back between them and expressed his gratitude by showering them with kisses.

cat drinking water
Source: Instagram

The couple loved having Slater around. He made them laugh by drinking water straight from the tap and melted their hearts by gently “grooming” their hands.

Once abandoned by someone who didn’t see his worth, Slater felt fear and uncertainty. But now in the embrace of his new family, he’s truly enjoying his second chance at life he so rightly deserves.

cat laying on a owner
Source: Instagram

It’s evident that Slater’s found his place in their hearts and I can’t help but hope that this beautiful bond blossoms into a sweet foster fail with a lifetime of love and happiness!

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