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Benny The Cat Becomes An Overnight Internet Star Thanks To His Hilarious Haircut

Benny The Cat Becomes An Overnight Internet Star Thanks To His Hilarious Haircut

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I’ve come across many different cat haircuts, but this one truly takes the cake. Don’t believe me? Well, just wait until you see it.

A cat owner and TikTok user, @gomeznotselena, recently shared a video of her cat with a fresh new haircut. 

The video took the internet by storm, amassing over 80 million views and providing people with a hearty laugh.

To make it even more hilarious, the video is followed by the perfectly suitable music – Titanic flute fail – symbolizing that not everything went according to plan.

The cat’s owner shared this video with a caption: “Benny got a haircut…”

Based on the video’s music, caption, and obviously, the cat’s appearance, one would think that the owner didn’t expect this exact outcome.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Benny became an overnight TikTok sensation. His owner had no idea that the video would instantly go viral, bringing laughter and joy to people around the world.

white cat with funny haircut

But that’s exactly what happened – The video racked up more than 80 million views, 9 million likes, and a whopping 114,000 comments. 

Some of the comments were so hilarious that they received a lot of attention, and are definitely worth mentioning. One user commented:

“Can’t explain but looks like a betta fish, lol.”

Another wrote:

“He looks like how kids draw animals. I love him.”

One user joked:

“I think it’s a cat but idk.”

Others even commented that Benny resembled the flying creature from “The NeverEnding Story.”

funny white cat

Now, while every cat breed has a unique type of fur, most of them don’t typically require haircuts. The key is to regularly brush your feline friend to remove loose hair and dead skin cells, keeping their fur healthy, soft, and shiny.

Cats usually get haircuts before surgeries or similar procedures or in cases where their fur develops large, unruly mats that are tough to manage.

Whatever the reason for Benny’s haircut may have been, one thing’s for sure – he needed it, just maybe not quite like this one!

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