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30 Hilarious Photos Of Cats “Bullying” Dogs

30 Hilarious Photos Of Cats “Bullying” Dogs

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Some pet owners get lucky and their cats and dogs form adorable duos that warm our hearts, while others unleash their inner mischief that you think is only possible in Looney Tunes until you witness it with your own eyes. 

There are many reasons why your beloved feline friend might be staging sneak attacks on your pup. Playful swats can be a hoot, but sometimes it’s not all fun and games… 

We’ve collected some of the funniest photos online that show cats giving their canine roommates a run for their kibbles. Keep scrolling and enjoy these hilarious photos! 

1. Little Kittens Can Be Super Scary

dog on a chair looking at kittens
Credit: Imgur

2. The Dog Cat Just Whine While The Cat Eats His Treat

dog and cat lying on a carpet
Credit: Imgur

3. You Shall Not Pass

4. The Cat Is The Boss

cat biting on dog
Credit: Pikabu

5. When Cats Find Out About Dog Beds

dog sitting next to cat lying in dog bed
Credit: Reddit

6. When The Real Threat To Your House Is Already Inside

cat and dog fighting
Credit: Reddit

7. I Can Hear His Pain For Losing His Own Bed

dog howling and cat lying in his bed
Credit: Reddit

8. Whose Bed Is Which?

photo of cat and dog
Credit: Reddit

9. When You Think Your Pets Are Asleep…

cat attacking the dog
Credit: Reddit

10. “My Idiot Cat Performing A Sneak Attack On My Poor Senior Dog”

dog and cat on grass
Credit: Reddit

11. The Dog Is Begging For The Cat To Move

cat and dog at the door
Credit: Reddit

12. Bring Me Catnip And The Dog Lives

cat holding its paws on dog's head
Credit: Imgur

13. Nothing To See Here, Sharon

dog eating and cat pushing on his head
Credit: Reddit

14. “My Big Don Won’t Pass The Cat Or Even Make Eye Contact”

cat sitting in front of the dog
Credit: Reddit

15. Mind Your Own Business And Close That Door!

16. When Your Cat Tries To Drown Your Dog

cat and dog in kitchen
Credit: Reddit

17. “My Cat Touching My Parents’ Dog Just To Make Her Growl”

cat touching the dog on couch
Credit: Reddit

18. We Know Who’s Getting Coal For Christmas

cat biting dog's ear
Credit: Reddit

19. Kitty Just Wants To Be A Dog Sitter, That’s All

cat sitting next to dog
Credit: Reddit

20. Parkour!

cat jumping on dog
Credit: Reddit

21. “This Is An Obstacle My Dog Faces Every Day”

cat sitting on top of stairs looking at dog
Credit: Reddit

22. “My Dog Cries At Me When The Cat Steals Her Food”

cat eating from dog's food bowl
Credit: Twitter

23. This Cat Hates It When The Dog Tries To Play

cat hitting the dog
Credit: Reddit

24. “My Cat Sits In The Doorway To Stop The Dog From Going Inside”

cat sitting at the doorway looking at dog
Credit: Reddit

25. Can You Please Move This Hissey-Bitey Thingy?

26. She Swatted The Dog’s Head Once

cat looking at scared dog
Credit: Reddit

27. “Sam Will Sit On Top Of The Dog’s Food Container Forcing Me To Feed Him First”

cat sitting on container
Credit: Reddit

28. She Wasn’t Suffocating Him, No, She Was Just Lying There

cat lying on dog covered with blanket
Credit: Reddit

29. Back When The Two First Met… It Didn’t Go Well For The Dog

cat and dog staring at each other
Credit: Reddit

30. The Cat Peed In The Dog’s Bowl

photo of dog bowl
Credit: Reddit

What more can I say? Cats are lovely as pets, but sometimes, just sometimes, they can be really mean to our canine friends. 

If you’re lucky enough to have your dog and your cat get along well, cherish that with all your heart! 

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