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Owner Puts A GPS On Her Cat That Reveals His Deepest Secrets

Owner Puts A GPS On Her Cat That Reveals His Deepest Secrets

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I’m sure that many cat lovers wonder what their cats do when they’re out of sight. This is one of the main questions we ask when it comes to cats, especially outdoor ones who are thought to be more adventurous.

If you’ve ever wondered about this, here’s your chance to find out. This cat mom named Florence decided to equip her feline friend with a GPS device to discover where he disappeared to every day. 

But, what she’s about to find out will surprise her and leave her speechless!

Meet Bernie, the cat who’s meant to be an outdoor cat! Despite spending most of his time indoors, Bernie isn’t a fan of being cooped up. He’s far from a lazy cat and quickly gets bored within the confines of the house. 

While he occasionally plays with his fellow feline housemates, that’s just not enough to satisfy his curiosity. Bernie yearns to go outside and explore.

Whenever his humans venture out, Bernie eagerly follows them and hesitates when it’s time to return home. 

During his outdoor escapades, he stumbled upon a nearby park, which quickly became his favorite spot. Bernie enjoys making new friends there.

Florence noticed Bernie’s strong desire to explore the outdoors and wanted to learn more about his adventures. So, she came up with a brilliant idea. 

She decided to outfit Bernie with a GPS device, allowing them to track his adventures and retrieve him if he wandered too far.

That is a great way to follow your adventurous cat and be calm and relaxed as you always know where it is. 

It seemed like a foolproof plan until one day when Bernie’s GPS unexpectedly stopped working. Florence received a notification on her phone that the GPS signal had been lost. 

Naturally, she began to worry. However, before she could fully panic, she received a message from an unknown number:

“Hi! Are you looking for a kitty named Bernie? He actually comes to our home quite often, I will let you know where we are located.”

Relieved and slightly amused, Bernie’s family went to pick him up and bring him home safely. They were so happy they found him, but they also felt betrayed as Bernie apparently had a secret second family, haha.

Bernie is now with his family, enjoying his home during the cold months, but when summer arrives, nothing can keep him indoors.

So, during summer, his owners often take him to the park and long walks, and they also let him go wherever he wants as long as he has his GPS device. 

Outdoor adventures are what make Bernie happy, and his family wants him to be the happiest kitty in the world.  

Would you let your kitty wander around with the GPS device, or you don’t want to find out its deepest secrets, haha? Let me know what you think!

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