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The Look Of Betrayal On This Cat’s Face For Thinking Her Human Is Eating Her Treats Goes Viral

The Look Of Betrayal On This Cat’s Face For Thinking Her Human Is Eating Her Treats Goes Viral

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You know the feeling when you’re all set to dive into your favorite snacks, and suddenly, your furry friends give you the look, as if you’ve committed a crime by not sharing? 

Theresa Zuliani, a savvy 29-year-old marketing whiz experienced just that with her cat, Floyd Meoweather.

Now, Floyd isn’t your typical cuddly cat. He’s more of a couch dictator, fiercely guarding his territory and not one to give out affection freely. 

In a viral TikTok video, which racked up a whopping 3.4 million views, Theresa is about to enjoy some coconut-infused roasted cashew nuts when Floyd strolls into the frame, sporting a face that screams, “How dare you enjoy snacks without me!”

The text in the video reads:

“My cashew treats are in a similar bag as my cat’s treats… I think he thinks I’m eating his treats. I feel so guilty eating in front of him.” 

@floydmeoweather I dont know if he will ever recover from this 🤧 #cat #cattreats #grumpycat #cattok #catfluencer #petfluencer #catlovers ♬ Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Acoustic) – Joker x Green Day

Poor Floyd is still sitting there patiently, but his expression speaks volumes. He feels utterly betrayed, and he’s not afraid to show it. 

cute gray cat
Source: TikTok

Surprisingly, Floyd’s taste buds lean toward peculiar cat delicacies like Churu Puree sticks, which drive him bonkers, along with a fondness for ice cream, Key lime pie, and avocado toast.

But hold on, fellow cat lovers! Many cat food brands and veterinarians advise caution when it comes to those extra calories in treats, urging owners to adjust the main meal to maintain a balanced diet. 

Zuliani knows the drill, confessing:

“He can be a bit bossy, he loves his treats (as you know) and gets upset when he doesn’t get any or his way.”

grey cat in the house
Source: TikTok

That disdainful expression etched permanently on Floyd’s face might suggest that he’s the ultimate judge of human behavior. 

Users in the comments section demanded immediate treat restitution for Floyd, and Theresa complied. She wasn’t willing to risk a sleepless night with an indignant feline, stating:

“Of course, I gave him his own treats. I wasn’t prepared to sleep with one eye open that night so he absolutely got some treats in the end.”

TikTok was buzzing with pleas to pamper Floyd with loads of treats and kisses, revealing other pet antics, like a dash for dishwasher tablets. 

“Whenever I open the dishwasher tablet packet, they come running!”

Do you have some pet antics up your sleeve too? Feel free to share those adorable, hilarious pet moments!

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