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Stray Cat Was Hiding Inside A Basement Wall Until Kind Rescuers Came To Help

Stray Cat Was Hiding Inside A Basement Wall Until Kind Rescuers Came To Help

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Recently I stumbled upon this amazing rescue organization called Little Wanderers NYC, which helped numerous stray and abandoned cats in New York City. 

Sadly, the West Harlem area is full of stray cats that need urgent attention. A gentle stray cat was recently rescued by the organization, so buckle up for this amazing story about Dhara!

photo of basement
Credit: Instagram

A concerned man informed Little Wanderers NYC about a cat that was hiding in the basement of their townhouse. How the poor soul ended down in the basement was uncertain.

stray cat hiding
Credit: Instagram

The rescuers immediately rushed to the man’s house ready to save another innocent life. However, once they entered the basement they soon realized why this sweet cat chose to hide there.

Behind a trash can was a hole in the wall, and Dhara was hiding inside. The poor soul made herself at home there, hiding from the noisy and harsh streets. 

cat eating
Credit: Instagram

The rescuers placed some treats right in front of the hole, waiting for Dhara to come out. Soon enough, an adorable calico emerged from the hole carefully observing everyone. 

She quickly swooped all the treats and then showed the rescuers her real face. This petite calico was a real cuddle bug, and she proceeded to gently boop everyone in the basement!

cat lying on white blanket
Credit: Instagram

The team was smitten by her gentle personality, however, they soon learned she had a secret. 

This gentle cat was pregnant and she needed a loving foster home as soon as possible. The rescuers scooped her up and soon she was placed in a foster home with her new foster mom, Jacqueline.

cat lying
Credit: Instagram

Dhara was now finally in a safe environment, tucked inside warm blankets with her new stuffed toy. 

Little Wanderers decided it was best to spay sweet Dhara as soon as it was safe, as they shared on Instagram:

“Dhara is within a safe window for spay so as soon as we can get a spay appointment she will be spayed. These are always difficult decisions but when it is safe to do so, Little Wanderers will spay to help reduce the cat population.”

cat lying next to a toy
Credit: Instagram

Shortly after, gentle Dhara was spayed and Little Wanderers updated everyone, as shared:

“Our sweet calico girl Dhara is recovering nicely from her spay. She’s wearing her e-collar and making biscuits on her heartbeat kitty. We are so proud of our brave little girl.”

cat leaning on rescuer's hand
Credit: Instagram

This sweet angel was officially up for adoption, and in the meantime, she enjoyed all the love from her foster mom Jacqueline. 

I warmly recommend you to follow the amazing work by Little Wanderers NYC on Instagram!

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