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A Video Of A Cat Side-Eyeing The Dog After He Drinks From Her Water Bowl Will Have You In Stitches

A Video Of A Cat Side-Eyeing The Dog After He Drinks From Her Water Bowl Will Have You In Stitches

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An amusing video has captured the internet’s attention, featuring an adorable black and white cat whose comical side-eye expression left everyone laughing. 

In the video, the cat playfully scolds her owners as their dog shamelessly sips water from her bowl.

The clever owners decided to film the interaction and shared it with their followers, adding a witty caption emphasizing the cat’s ownership of the bowl. 

“When the dog dares to drink water from his water bowl even though you made it clear it’s your water bowl now, and he’s not allowed.” Followed by: “Ok, how dare he?”

The video went viral, and here we see why:

As you can see in this entertaining video, this sweet rescue cat gives her owners the “bombastic side-eye” when the dog comes to drink from her bowl. However, there’s an intriguing twist to the story!

You see, the water bowl originally belonged to the dog. But after the cat came into the picture, she swiftly claimed ownership of it. It’s a delightful example of how pets can establish their territories and surprise us with their quirky behavior.

One user, pinky, wrote: 

“Literally my cat with my dog.”

While another one, xaeas, commented:

“Aww the way she’s looking at you to do something about it.”

PinkElastics comments:

“The long, suffering look.”

And a user named Heather McNerney wrote:

“I think we keep forgetting cats are in charge, lol!”

Oh, Heather, you are so right! Hahaha. 

cat side eye

Interestingly, a study published in the journal PLOS ONE sheds light on the compatibility between cats and dogs. 

Over 1,200 pet owners with both cats and dogs were surveyed, revealing that more than 60% of these furry companions can coexist peacefully and even play with each other.

Approximately 60% engaged in playful chasing, while the remaining 40% occasionally had friendly scuffles. 

The research also highlights that cats displayed a higher tendency to attack dogs.

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