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Here’s What Happens When You Let Your Cat Sleep With You (VIDEO)

Here’s What Happens When You Let Your Cat Sleep With You (VIDEO)

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Here’s an easy question for you: do you let your cats sleep with you? Most cat owners either sleep with their cats or let their cats snuggle up in their beds whenever they please.

In a video shared by Cole and Marmalade, their owners share all about their “open door policy” and shed light on the realities of having a cat cozy up on your bed.

We also get a glimpse of how this cat in the video forms a stronger attachment to their human mommy, but what happens when she goes on vacation?

cat in the dark

After days of searching for her, the cat finally gave in… And after a few minutes, the cat realized that cuddle time with daddy isn’t bad at all. 

man playing with cat in the dark

After all, cuddle time is a must. So the cat will take what it gets… Even if it is from its less favored human. At least until mommy gets back… 

man kissing cat in the dark

Yet, there’s a heartwarming twist! The cat now welcomes cuddles from both its loving pawrents. Witness this comforting transformation in the video below:

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