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This Cat’s Owner Gave Him Up To A Rescue Organization Hoping He Would Find A Better Home

This Cat’s Owner Gave Him Up To A Rescue Organization Hoping He Would Find A Better Home

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There are so many cats, just like Winks, who don’t know what will happen to them in the future. They get hurt and feel lonely, and sometimes their owners give them up, so they go to shelters hoping someone will give them another opportunity…

This story starts with a kind-hearted person finding Winks outside, hurt and all by himself. Thankfully, this caring stranger acted quickly. 

cat named winks
Credit: YouTube

She thought it was important to have him looked at, so Winks was brought to the vet for the immediate attention he needed.

When they arrived at the vet’s office, they discovered a crucial detail – Winks had a microchip, which helped them locate his previous owner. 

However, in a generous act that would change Winks’ life forever, the owner chose to give him up to a rescue organization. 

cat walking indoors
Credit: YouTube

They thought Winks would have a higher chance of being adopted by a family that could meet his unique requirements.

When Winks got to his new foster home, he was scared at first. But with time, he started to get curious and not as scared. 

His caretaker was careful when she came near him because she didn’t know how he would react. 

However, everyone was surprised when Winks climbed onto her shoulders for comfort! No one saw it coming because of his history, but they soon formed a special bond. 

close-up photo of winks the cat
Credit: YouTube

Sadly, he never got to play with toys and he lost one of his eyes, probably from fighting with other cats outside. 

He also tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which is common in cats who fight for their territory and resources.

Despite all the difficulties, Winks thrived in his brand-new, loving place. He got bigger and his eyes showed that he felt safe and secure. 

But even though he was happy, Winks still found the wide-open spaces of his new home a little bit scary. He liked being on his owner’s shoulders or up high where he could see everything and feel confident. 

woman holding the cat
Credit: YouTube

Unlike most cats, Winks was unusually quiet. He never made a sound, but his love for his owner was obvious. 

Every night, he would snuggle up next to her, sleeping peacefully on her neck like a cozy scarf or resting comfortably on her head – always there to bring her comfort and be her friend.

At first, she had originally planned to find him a forever home, but something special happened. 

They had crossed paths at just the right time, bringing love and support when they needed it most. So, she realized she might just be the perfect home for him after all. 

cat lying on woman's shoulder
Credit: YouTube

A frightened stray found a loving home, and his owner found a faithful friend who wasn’t afraid to show his love. 

They continue their journey together, with Winks proudly perched on his owner’s shoulder, reminding them of the incredible power of kindness and love.

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