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Three Cats Stake Claim To The New Blender Box Keeping Their Human At Bay

Three Cats Stake Claim To The New Blender Box Keeping Their Human At Bay

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Meet Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves, a couple who’s been eagerly awaiting their first blend with a brand new Vitamix they recently bought. 

However, their trio of furballs has turned the blender box into a feline throne, making it off-limits for over three weeks!

cat sitting on vitamix box
Credit: @kreweofjess

In a bizarre twist of feline shenanigans, the Gerson-Neeves discovered that their freshly bought Vitamix had become the hottest sitting spot for their three cats – Max, the initial box conqueror, followed by George and Lando. 

The saga began when Jessica briefly placed the blender box on the floor, and Max promptly claimed it as his royal seat.

Well, Max is their four-year-old cat, and it seems he believed the new box was there for him and his feline buddies.

cat reaching to two cats sitting on a box
Credit: @kreweofjess

Since that moment, it’s been a non-stop rotation of cat “box occupants”, with each feline staking their claim and keeping guarding the precious package. 

Jessica and Nikii, outnumbered by their feline trio and unwilling to forcefully evict the furry squatters, find themselves in a hilarious standoff, unable to enjoy the product they bought for themselves.

cats playing in the kitchen
Credit: @kreweofjess

In an open letter to Vitamix, shared on Instagram, Jessica spilled the beans on their feline predicament and humorously requested three additional empty boxes. 

The reasoning? Outsmarting the cats with the hope that the decoy boxes might lure the feline overlords away from the Vitamix treasure chest.

Acknowledging the absurdity of their situation, Jessica admitted:

“With three cats and only two humans in the household, the humans are outnumbered and (being giant suckers), both frightened of and unwilling to forcibly relocate the offending cats. Yes, we realize we’re absolute madwomen, and yes, we are both ashamed and sorry.”

two cats sitting on two boxes
Credit: @kreweofjess

“Is there–I cannot believe I am honestly asking this — any possibility at all that y’all would be willing to send us three (the number is very important, as there are three cats and we need there to be one extra so we can hopefully get the actual blender out of the box) empty Vitamix boxes?”

I know what you might be thinking, Well, just give them a different box. Yep, I thought so too, but, as Jessica explains:

“Other cardboard boxes seem to lack the appeal of the Vitamix box, and since, much like your wonderful blenders, this stand-off seems to be Built To Last, we’re afraid that this may be our only way out of the situation in which we find ourselves.”

Luckily, as we witnessed on Vitamix’s Facebook page, they were more than happy to help out the poor couple:

“People aren’t the only ones getting a new toy from Vitamix. Sometimes, your furry friends get joy out of the purchase too!”

cats sitting on boxes in the kitchen
Credit: @kreweofjess

As Nikii aptly put it, “We have to outsmart the cats. It’s a battle of wills now.” I couldn’t agree more. 

I hope you enjoyed this humorous story and feel free to share it with your friends to spread the joy!

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