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Cat Takes Over Dad’s Screen And It’s Hilarious

Cat Takes Over Dad’s Screen And It’s Hilarious

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When I think about cats and screens, I immediately picture our feline friends lying on our laptops or standing right in front of our screens as though they’re saying, “Hey, get off of that thing, I’m here and I need your attention!

Well, all cats are pretty much the same regarding technology. However, this cat dad was left entirely stunned after seeing what his furry friend did.

A TikTok user, Hettyandcats, shared a hilarious video of a pet cat, Pickles, taking over his dad’s screen. The user wrote in the caption:

“He literally walked over, climbed on Dad’s arm, and took control of phone time.”


He literally walked over, climbed on dad’s arm and took control of phone time. 😂#picklesthecat #catsoftiktok #ipadkid

♬ original sound – Hetty

No one knows exactly why the video held Pickles’s attention so much. It could be the colors, the movements, or even the joyful sounds. However, it’s funny because he literally put his paw on the screen to see better. 

His parents couldn’t stop laughing at the cat’s reaction. But, it was even funnier when Pickles turned to his human mom with a bombastic side-eye, as though he was saying, “Girl, what you’re laughing at?”

cat holding the phone
Credit: Hettyandcats

I’ve seen kitties entertaining themselves with fish or mouse videos, trying to catch them, but I’ve never seen a cat who likes to watch random videos. Over time, Pickles became an actual TikTok cat.

His parents shared another video of him describing how much Pickles loves TikTok:

“#Picklesthecat has developed a taste for watching TikTok videos. He especially likes #naturetok #birdtok and for some reason… #teatok. Don’t we all, I guess?”

Not only does he have favorite topics, but he also improved scrolling with his tiny paw, I mean just look at him. 


#Picklesthecat has developed a taste for watching TikTok videos. He especially likes #naturetok #birdtok and for some reason… #teatok 😂 dont we all, I guess? #catsoftiktok

♬ Cena Engraçada e Inusitada – HarmonicoHCO

Well, on the other hand, I can say that these are some lucky cat paw-rents. While I’m spending my money on different toys, cat scratchers, cat beds, and similar items, they just give Pickles their phone, and he becomes the luckiest feline in the world.

cat looking at the phone
Credit: Hettyandcats

If you want to keep up with Pickles, his interests, and daily activities, just make sure you follow Hettyandcats on TikTok. And if you see a notification that this profile saw yours, it might just be Pickles checking you out, lol!

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