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These Cats Love To Channel Their Inner Dog-Self And It’s Beyond Hilarious

These Cats Love To Channel Their Inner Dog-Self And It’s Beyond Hilarious

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I first wondered about this type of behavior a long time ago. It happened when my parents’ cat started acting “weirdly” around the house. She was panting and running to greet me at the door whenever I arrived home. 

I honestly had no idea what was going on with her until I took her to the park and saw how she imitated our neighbor’s dog with whom she used to play. Oh, I wish I had a picture of the two of them! 

They were hilarious, like two golden siblings, even though he was a dog and she was a cat, lol!

When I first stumbled upon this video on YouTube, I laughed my head off! How is it even possible that these cats act like they were dogs? I’m telling you, go check it out if you want to have a good laugh!

I thought that the second cat that was panting like a dog would be the funniest, but the one that’s actually barking from the window is hilarious! 

When the black cat turns around and starts meowing, LOL! Hilarious! It’s like she just remembered “Oh, I’m a cat” hahaha. 

I truly don’t know which cat is the funniest, each of them is funnier than the other. I had a great laugh reviewing this video! I still can’t believe how funny cats can be, to see them panting like dogs, playing fetch, giving paws, or even barking, it’s so funny. 

Over the years, I often notice this type of behavior in my cats as well. However, after my parents’ cat taught me that that’s just what cats sometimes do, I am no longer worried when it happens.

In the video above, you could see some of the cats are with actual dogs, and that would explain their behavior.

I was just so amazed by how these cats behave that I wanted to see more funny examples, which led me to this next video. This owner did an amazing thing by rescuing a kitten from certain death. 

Phillip, The Cat That Acts More Like A Dog

Josiah Ross, the cat’s owner said:

“Phillip had about a week before being put down, but I took him home. When I was a kid I always wanted a cat, but unfortunately, my family couldn’t have any animals in the house due to allergies. When I got my first apartment I came across this adorable post of two orange kittens, when I got to the shelters one of them was already adopted and the other one was not.”

This is how his story with Phillip, the orange cat, began.

Josiah, in an interview for GeoBeats, says: 

“The shelter was running low on space, and seven days was all the time that he really had left with the other kitten already being adopted. I just knew I had to take him home!”

Phillip was a bit scared and shy at first, but after a few hours, he started playing with Josiah, as you can see in the video, jumping on the bed, running around, and being energetic, just like any other healthy kitten. 

Josiah goes on to say:

“For the most part, he is more like a dog. He will just always come by my side or just lay at my feet or lay on my lap as I’m watching movies. I’d say 90% of the time he’s more like a dog, but then 10% of the time he does kind of need his space. He is very well-behaved, he will often just beg me to go for car rides or take him for a walk.”

As you can see from the video, Phillip is very playful and smart. He knows his owner’s habits and has learned a couple of keywords like ‘hungry’ and ‘ride’. This does resemble dogs, but it resembles cats too. Just look at this next photo, classic cat behavior!

Cats are extremely smart and more than capable of learning tricks and other behaviors that dogs tend to exhibit too. 

I think that Phillip is simply a great pet cat, even though he does resemble a dog in certain situations, but those are actually not unusual. I believe Phillip is a purrfectly happy and healthy cat, and Josiah is definitely happy to have him.

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