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List Of 20 Cats With The Most Unusual Markings

List Of 20 Cats With The Most Unusual Markings

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Throughout my life, my family has had many cats as pets, ranging from solid colors to calico patterns. I’ve seen many cats but never have I seen a cat with a pattern like the following 20 cats. 

I have six cats right now, and even though they have some plain or unusual colors mixed throughout their fur, they don’t have a mustache or the word love written on their belly. It sounds impossible, but it’s true!

Check out these unique-looking felines and let me know which one you think is the most unusual. 

#1 Mustache Cat Hamilton

#2 Adolf Reincarnated

photo of a cat with Hitler markings
Photo from: Reddit

#3 This Cat Couldn’t Decide On Having Just One Face

photo of Venus the two face cat
Photo from: @venustwofacecat

#4 Does This Cat Like Cinnamon Rolls? What Do You Think?

photo of a cat with cinnamon roll markings
Photo from: Reddit

#5 I’m Batman

photo of batman cat
Photo from: Twitter

#6 This Is What Happens If A Cat Stares At A Squirrel For Too Long

cat with coat pattern that resembles a squirrel
Photo from: Reddit

#7 This Feline Can Always Smell If There Are Cats Nearby

cat with funny marking on nose
Photo from: Twitter

#8 “I Love You With All My Nose”

cat with heart shaped marking on nose
Photo from: Pinterest

#9 If I’m Sorry Was A Cat, It’d Be Sam

cat with eyebrow markings
Photo from: @samhaseyebrows

#10 Like Two Eyes Weren’t Enough

cat with fur eyes markings
Photo from: Reddit

#11 The Arrow Points Where?

cat with funny arrow marking
Photo from: Reddit

#12 Cat Within A Cat

cat with a marking of a cat
Photo from: Twitter

#13 This Cat’s Love Is So Deep It Imprinted On Its Fur

cat with heart marking
Photo from: Reddit

#14 Looks Like The Printer Was A Drop Of Ink Short

black cat with white marking
Photo from: Reddit

#15 The Real Bat Signal

cat with bat signal marking
Photo from: Reddit

#16 Marble Never Looked So Good

cat with marble pattern
Photo from: Scrappy

#17 The Name’s Paco! With An Exclamation Point!

cat with a funny marking on behind
Photo from: Reddit

#18 I Love You With All My Tooshie

orange and white cat with heart shape on fur
Photo from: Reddit

#19 Look At This Distinguished Gentleman

cat with moustache
Photo from: Reddit

#20 “L” Is For The Way You Look At Me, “O” Is For The Only One I See… Love Was Written On This Cat

cat with pattern that spells out LOVE
Photo from: Reddit

Ah, just when you think cats can’t get any better, you see something like this. You see a funny mustache or the word love spelled in a cat’s coat pattern. Well, if these pictures didn’t light up your day, I don’t know what will.

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