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Couple Follows A Crying Sound Near Their House And Finds A Helpless Kitten Unable To Move

Couple Follows A Crying Sound Near Their House And Finds A Helpless Kitten Unable To Move

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It was just another afternoon for a couple and their dogs, enjoying the sunshine in their backyard. But then, something unexpected happened! A loud sound pierced the air and the couple thought they could hear a crying kitten.

They were right! On the other side of the fence, they discovered a tiny, exhausted stray kitten who seemed too weary to move.

close-up photo of the kitten
Credit: Instagram

Driven by compassion, the couple quickly brought out some food. The kitten, though lethargic and with crusty eyes, gathered all her remaining strength to eat. Despite her exhaustion and fear, she nibbled away, fighting for her survival.

Realizing this little furball needed more than just a meal, the couple contacted Puppy Kitty NY City, an animal rescue organization. 

kitten eating
Credit: Instagram

Without hesitation, the rescuers rushed to their aid. They named the kitten Felicia and whisked her off to an emergency hospital. 

Felicia was in dire straits, malnourished, and suffering from hypoglycemia. However, she proved to be a fighter! Meagan from Puppy Kitty NY City recounted:

“She was hospitalized and getting veterinary care, but she made it through the night.”

photo of kitten eating
Credit: Instagram

Felicia’s courageous spirit and the swift intervention by the couple who found her turned the odds in her favor. 

Within two days, she was eating voraciously and even began showing a bit of sass with playful hisses and swats.

helpless kitten
Credit: Instagram

Once she was stable, Felicia transitioned to a foster home with Alyssa, where her recovery continued. With proper care, lots of food and cuddles, Felicia’s fear melted away.

kitten playing with yellow toy
Credit: Instagram

Alyssa’s gentle care helped Felicia feel safe enough to indulge in pets and move into a spacious playpen. As she shared:

“Everyone was so worried whether she’d make it, and thankfully, she received prompt care. She’s on a few treatments and staying with me until she’s feeling better.”

kitten sitting
Credit: Instagram

Felicia’s transformation was nothing short of remarkable. From batting at a swinging mouse toy with newfound playful energy to curiously exploring her new surroundings, she began to thrive. 

Over the following days, she filled out nicely; her eyes sparkled, and her fur became softer and shinier.

kitten lying
Credit: Instagram

Now, Felicia is a little gray furball with a zest for life. She revels in head scratches, melting into her foster mom’s hands, and never misses a beat when a toy appears. 

Her journey from a fragile kitten fighting for life to a vibrant, bouncing furball just shows how great of an impact our care and devotion can make. Alyssa couldn’t be prouder, as she shared:

“Now that she’s feeling so good, she’s showing her personality, and she’s such a sweetie.”

kitten looking at the camera
Credit: Instagram

Felicia’s story is a heartwarming reminder of how little compassion and care can go a long way, in her case: from desperate cries to playful whiskers. 

Follow Puppy Kitty NY City on Instagram for more inspiring rescue stories. And remember, sharing stories like Felicia’s helps spread awareness and support for rescue efforts, bringing hope to many more furry friends in need.

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