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Couple Rescues Blind Male Calico Cat, Offering Him A Second Chance At Life

Couple Rescues Blind Male Calico Cat, Offering Him A Second Chance At Life

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Have you ever seen a male calico cat? I know I haven’t. The reason why I’m asking you this is because male calico cats are extremely rare. 99.9% of calico cats are female, which is why male calicos are considered money cats.

So, owning, or even seeing, a male calico cat is considered to be an honor as it’s also referred to as a million-dollar cat. This is why the girl from this video can consider herself one of the luckiest cat owners.

This beautiful, yet difficult, story started when a couple found an abandoned kitten and decided to take him in even though they didn’t have enough money to take it to the vet. At least they wanted to feed and warm him up.

“He was meowing in pain. His eyes were covered and blood was dripping.” 

At that time, the owner was in a difficult situation and was grieving over a loved person which is why she couldn’t take the kitten to the vet. 

Later, a couple of friends helped her save some money to take the kitten to the vet as he needed it so badly.

then and now photo of a blind calico cat
Photo from: @blindhunterr

After the vet visit, the couple decided to take the kitten and named it Hunter. Nobody expected that the owner and the kitten would immediately start to bond. It looks like they helped each other to deal with their problems. 

“I would type in “music for kittens” every night on YouTube, and he’d just fall asleep.”

This unique fur boy turned out to be full of surprises. There were several significant parts of his life that he and his owner had to deal with, and here they are!

They Thought He Was A Girl!

The thing that surprised the owner the most was realizing her kitten was actually a male! She said: “At first, just like any calico cat owner, we thought it was a girl, but it turned out it is a very rare male calico cat.”

That was unusual for the owner as most calico cats are females, and male calicos are considered a great rarity.

A male cat would need to have XXY chromosomes in order to be a calico, and that genetic rarity is called Klinefelter Syndrome. It’s also crucial to mention that male calicos are always sterile, meaning they cannot reproduce. 

It must be a great feeling knowing you have one of the rarest kitties in the world!

Poor Hunter Had His Eye Removed

photo of Hunter, the blind calico cat
Photo from: @blindhunterr

Living with this amazing cat and seeing it grow made the owner very happy and gave her hope for the future. Unfortunately, Hunter had eye issues, and it was advised that his eye be removed. 

That was another difficult period for both Hunter and his owners, but thanks to good people, and their friends, they managed to get the money for the operation. Hunter had his eye removed, but at least the surgery went well without any complications, and he recovered very quickly. 

He Became A Big Brother

Blind Hunter and his little brother
Photo from: @blindhunterr

Another great step for Hunter was when he got the role of older brother. The couple saw another stray kitten all alone, and they just couldn’t leave it, so they took him in and named him Kitbull. It turned out that this was the best decision ever. 

Although they were worried at first, Hunter and Kitbull started to get along very well. They continued living their best lives, along with several other cats.

Hunter isn’t only special for being a male calico cat, or for being blind, but he’s also special because of making his owner a better person. 

She said, “I’m trying to get better. Raising him has taught me that I can live for someone else until I learn to live for myself.” 

Then she added, “People think I saved his life, but I think he saved mine.”

I have to admit that this story brought tears to my eyes. I wish you all had a bond with your cats like Hunter and his owner.

blind cat Hunter bathing in sunlight
Photo from: @blindhunterr

Hunter may have lost his vision, but he’ll never lose his will to live and make everyone around him the happiest. He’s definitely a million-dollar cat!

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