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Couple Saves Three Abandoned Cats With One Of Them Being Pregnant

Couple Saves Three Abandoned Cats With One Of Them Being Pregnant

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There are cats that are fortunate enough to have kind people who provide them with food and take care of them, allowing them to live normal lives on the street. 

However, not all stray cats are as lucky. Some of them endure a difficult life every single day. Thankfully, people like John and Arianne exist, who genuinely care about these animals.

When they came across a social media post about three abandoned cats in need, they immediately decided to head to the location. 

three abandoned kittens
Credit: Instagram

When they got there, they discovered a black cat sitting on a discarded cat tree. To their surprise, they found two more cats – a black one and a brown tabby.

While searching for microchips and giving them treats, they were taken aback when a third cat, a gray and white one, appeared, showing signs of being pregnant. As Celine from Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared:

“A third cat, a gray and white, approached the group and brushed against the black cat. The third cat was a girl with a round belly, obviously pregnant.”

cat reaching up
Credit: Instagram

With the assistance of two more rescuers named Misa and Jessica, they were able to safely capture all three cats. 

The black cat and the brown tabby, whose stories remain unknown, were placed in temporary homes. However, the gray and white cat, who was soon to become a mother, had a different fate awaiting her.

cat lying on the floor
Credit: Instagram

Chatons Orphelins Montreal immediately took her in and named her Kyra. At first, she was cautious, but she quickly grew comfortable in her new home. She checked out every nook and cranny, then settled down.

A couple of days later, Kyra went into labor. She wanted her foster carer to be there for her, so she meowed for her. 

After some time, Kyra had four healthy kittens, each weighing just a few ounces. They drank milk from their mom and grew strong and healthy. 

cat nursing kittens
Credit: Instagram

Kyra felt safe and happy with her warm cat tree, plenty of food, and her loving foster family. 

Sometimes, when she had a break from taking care of her babies, she would cuddle with her foster carer or playfully swat at the water coming out of the faucet. Celine added:

“Kyra has grown very close to her foster mom, relishing every moment of her company. She’s still a kitten at heart.”

photo of cat and kittens
Credit: Instagram

Despite having new responsibilities, Kyra remained playful and loving. Whenever her foster carer came near, she proudly showed off her adorable kittens. 

She craved affection just as much as she showered her little ones with love. The kittens, who are almost two weeks old now, are starting to explore the world with wide-open eyes and playful meows. 

Even though their bodies are tiny, their loud purrs bring a cozy warmth to their foster home. 

Thanks to the rescuers’ quick response and the dedication of the foster families, Kyra, her kittens, and the other two rescued cats will never have to experience the harsh realities of street life again. 

close-up photo of cat and kitten
Credit: Instagram

Their future is now filled with warmth, comfort, and endless love. I’m really happy for Kyra. I can’t even imagine how scared and unsure she was before getting saved. 

But now, she’s got lots of love around her and can take care of her kittens in a safe and loving place. It’s a great example of how animals should get another shot at happiness.

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