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Adorable Tuxedo Kitty Loves Playing Hide-And-Seek With His Human Dad

Adorable Tuxedo Kitty Loves Playing Hide-And-Seek With His Human Dad

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Being a cat parent isn’t easy, but it’s never boring either. I’m sure many of you will agree with me. 

Our feline friends bring a lot of joy and entertainment to our lives, and what else can we do but go with the flow?

Speaking of fun and entertainment, a TikTok user and a cat parent, bobaandnovap, shared an adorable video of playing with his tuxedo furry friend.

In this short but cute TikTok video, we witness this tuxedo cat playing hide-and-seek with his human dad. Yeah, you read that right, hide-and-seek.

The dad quickly peeks his head around the corner to look at his cat, and the cat does a playful lunge at him as soon as he sees him. 

From hide-and-seek, they continue playing tag, and while they’re trying to tap each other, the cat eventually wins. He finally taps his dad and quickly runs away as the winner of this fun game. 

While most cats play with different interactive toys, all this tuxedo feline needs is a small corner in the house and his human dad to participate. The result? A happy kitty.

tuxedo cat playing with human dad
Credit: @bobaandnovap

This adorable video gained a lot of attention and people just kept commenting. Gillthe1 said:

“My tuxedo also loves to play hide & seek EVERY SINGLE CHANCE he gets.”

Vicki commented:

“I have a male tuxedo who loves to play hide n seek also!!!!! So much fun!!”

Many people commented that their tuxedo cats also love playing hide-and-seek, joking it’s in their genes. Others couldn’t help but praise the cat’s dad for having fun with his feline friend. 

cat and man playing hide and seek
Credit: @bobaandnovap

However, this dad is just being a responsible cat parent. Just adopting a cat doesn’t make you a cat parent. There are many different things that you should do to fulfill the role.

Besides health care, one of the important things is to regularly play and interact with your cat. It would be best to play with your cat for at least 30-45 minutes a day. But, keep in mind that younger cats and kittens will play longer than older cats.

By playing, not only do you keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated, but you also strengthen your bond. 

So, if you’re a cat parent, don’t forget to spare some time to play with your feline friend. And, as you can see, sometimes you don’t even need toys to play with; you just need to be creative and realize what your kitty likes the best!

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