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Cat Thrown From Speeding Car On Busy Des Moines Street Got Rescued By Hero Delivery Driver

Cat Thrown From Speeding Car On Busy Des Moines Street Got Rescued By Hero Delivery Driver

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It turns out that delivery drivers aren’t just making people happy by bringing them their long-awaited packages; they’re our unexpected heroes. The story of this unlucky black cat took a fortunate turn thanks to a compassionate delivery driver. 

Picture this: On the busy intersection of 46th Street and Franklin Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa, a heartless person tossed a cat from a moving car. Can you imagine the cruelty?

But that’s where the hero steps in. The delivery driver behind that car immediately pulled over. The terrified cat, perhaps sensing safety, darted toward him. 

He Immediately Pulled Over To Save The Cat

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Source: KCCI

He knew just the place to take her – Iowa Pet Foods and Seascapes, a local pet store in West Des Moines, run by the caring Lori Sandahl.

Lori welcomed them with open arms and simply couldn’t fathom how anyone could commit such a heartless act. Some people don’t grasp the responsibilities and needs of animals in their care. 

Fortunately, this cat survived the ordeal and was given a second chance, all thanks to the kind-hearted delivery man.

Since arriving at Lori’s place, this little black kitty has been purring with happiness. She’s bound to find a loving forever home soon. Lori told KCCI Des Moines 8 News:

“She’s just full of life, purring from the moment she came in the front door! She knows she’s in a safe place.”

A thorough vet checkup revealed the cat’s perfect health – no injuries from her unfortunate experience. 

His Kind Act Granted Her A Chance At A New Life

the veterinarian holds a black cat in her arms
Source: KCCI

This amazing black kitty is not only healthy but also well-behaved, house-trained, cuddly, and she also has a ravenous appetite. 

Even despite her ordeal, she still trusts humans and is super cuddly. In Lori’s words:

“She’s in good shape.”

portrait of a black cat on a woman's shoulder
Source: KCCI

“She has been handled a lot, obviously,” explains Lori. “ The way she is loving on me, rubbing on me. There is no aggression or anything.”

As Sweet As She Is, Finding Her A Home Should Be A Breeze

a black cat with green eyes on a woman's shoulder
Source: KCCI

Even Andrew Mollenback, the KCCI correspondent, couldn’t help but admire this cat during their interview, describing her as a “cuddler who knows how to work the camera.” She cuddled Lori and even gave the camera a knowing look.

Before long, this lucky black feline will be ready for her forever home, and Lori believes finding one won’t be a problem at all. She’s all set for love and cuddles!

Thanks to that anonymous delivery driver, this kitty survived and got a second lease on life!

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