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The Relationship This Disabled Kitty Shares With Her 85-Pound Canine Brother Melts Hearts

The Relationship This Disabled Kitty Shares With Her 85-Pound Canine Brother Melts Hearts

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Gracie is one gorgeous kitty who endured a tough injury when she was just a few weeks old, leaving her with a broken back.

Her foster mom, Danielle, discovered her through social media and instantly fell head over heels for her.

She never thought she’d have a cat, but Gracie’s special spirit changed her mind. Danielle welcomed Gracie into her home and heart, letting herself be charmed by her new feline friend.

Right from the start, Gracie revealed her true fighting spirit! Despite facing so much trauma and change in such a short time, she remained confident and determined to make the most out of life.

Talking about her brave kitty’s attitude, Danielle says:

“Even the way she scooted across the floor, you could tell that it didn’t bother her that she wasn’t fully able-bodied.”

Since Gracie can’t move her back end, physical therapy is essential, and she tackles it with a fierce determination to get better.

With each new progress, Danielle feels a rush of happiness. She shares: 

“Watching her improve from session to session has been amazing. We’ve just been so proud of her.”

Gracie knows her disability doesn’t define her. She takes on the world as one big challenge, conquering each obstacle she faces.

Whether it’s mastering stairs or any other everyday task, Gracie proves herself to be a pro time and time again!

And through it all, she finds solace and support in London, her 85-pound canine brother.

According to Danielle, London is a playful German Shepherd with boundless energy, but because he’s a big boy, he can be a bit rough when playing.

Yet, from the moment he met Gracie, he’s been incredibly gentle. He’s taken a keen interest in his feline sister and shows a great understanding of her condition.

“I don’t know if he sensed that there was something different about her, but he was definitely more tender with her.”

In Danielle’s eyes, London is a real softie when he’s around Gracie.

How does Gracie react to her big brother? Well, she is totally smitten with him, too! According to Danielle:

“She just wants to snuggle with him constantly or chew on his ear. She just idolizes him.”

Danielle isn’t sure if Gracie adores London because he makes her feel safe or because he showered her with affection when she needed it most. All she knows is that the two of them are inseparable!

“Whatever it is, they are drawn to each other and it’s so heartwarming to watch.”

Danielle initially planned to only foster Gracie. However, after seeing her bond with London, she had a change of heart.

There’s something incredibly special about witnessing an 85-pound German Shepherd become the gentlest creature in the presence of a tiny feline.

“He just wants to make sure she’s OK because he is always checking her over. I think he feels almost like a caretaker towards her. It’s one of the reasons I love him so much.”

As for Gracie, Danielle says she’s truly one special kitty who brought so much joy into their lives.

From someone who never planned on having a cat, Danielle turned into the proudest cat mom, celebrating Gracie’s accomplishments and milestones like they’re her own.

I can honestly say I envy this fellow cat mom for her privilege of sharing a home with a cat and a dog who have such a unique relationship.

I’d love to have something similar, but since that’s currently impossible, I’ll have to settle for Gracie’s Instagram profile and all the fun photos and videos Danielle regularly shares. I highly recommend giving them a follow. Trust me – you won’t regret it. 

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