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Man Follows Faint Cries And Discovers A Tiny Creature With Broken Joint Hiding Under A Car

Man Follows Faint Cries And Discovers A Tiny Creature With Broken Joint Hiding Under A Car

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No one can deny that our feline friends are so full of love. However, sometimes life can be extremely cruel towards them, leaving some kitties mistreated and in need of care. 

Thankfully, there are kind-hearted folks out there ready to step up and shower these cats with the love they deserve. 

Today, I want to share the heartwarming tale of Niu Niu, a cat rescued from the streets by a man determined to change its life for the better.

cat on man's shoulder
Credit: YouTube

One chilly winter day, Niu Niu was found hiding under a car. The man who discovered this poor kitty was drawn by its faint cries and immediately called out to it. 

Niu Niu, limping and in bad shape, approached the man, craving affection and seemingly pleading to be taken home. The man, noticing its wounds, didn’t hesitate to bring the cat home.

photo of a cat
Credit: YouTube

At home, Niu Niu was the perfect guest, calm and trusting in the man’s care. 

The man made sure to create a cozy makeshift bed from a box, an old pillow, and a blanket, ensuring Niu Niu felt safe and comfortable – a far cry from the cold concrete it was used to.

While treating Niu Niu’s wounds, the man discovered a broken bone joint, likely the reason it was abandoned. 

He also offered Niu Niu some cat food, which it hungrily devoured, showing how long it had been since a proper meal had been served. 

cat eating
Credit: YouTube

Niu Niu’s poor condition, from being underfed and neglected, was evident in its dry, shedding fur. 

The man, committed to his new feline friend’s recovery, started adding some extra vitamins to every meal he served, which Niu Niu gladly accepted, eager to get better. 

man giving cat a treat
Credit: YouTube

Although very humble and extremely grateful for everything, Niu Niu couldn’t help but be a bit jealous of the man’s resident cat – whom he loved very much.

So, as its health improved, Niu Niu wanted more and more of its new owner’s attention. Whenever the man cuddled his other cat, Niu Niu would reach out with a paw, as if to ask, “Can you hug me, too?” 

The cat obviously longed to be loved! Luckily, it didn’t mind sharing – and kind of liked its new feline buddy, too!

two cats lying on man's chest
Credit: YouTube

As the time went by, Niu Niu grew to adore its human! Whether its owner was reading or working, Niu Niu would snuggle up, reminding him to take breaks. 

The cat became the man’s comforting presence, always there to offer support.

cat holding its paw on man's face
Credit: YouTube

This feline’s story is a testament to the impact of rescuing a cat. It reminds us of the joy and transformation that can come from giving a rescue cat a loving home.

Once a scared, neglected kitty, Niu Niu is now a happy, healthy cat, living each day with gratitude for its new life and the love it receives. 

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