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This Dog Tries Hard To Befriend His Grumpy Cat Brother

This Dog Tries Hard To Befriend His Grumpy Cat Brother

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Love comes in different forms and our feline companions have their ways of showing it to us.

However, the story I’ve recently encountered is about a cat named Earl and his dog brother Beau, and unfortunately, this love is one-sided!

grumpy cat
Credit: YouTube

Earl was living his best life with his human parents, Amanda and Luke. He was the center of attention, but it all changed when Beau the dog entered the scene.

When Beau laid his eyes on Earl for the first time he instantly fell in love with him! He desperately wanted to run towards Earl and play with him, but seeing the look on poor Earl’s face, their parents knew they had to take it slow.

dog and grumpy cat
Credit: YouTube

Earl was devastated that his parents brought a dog into their already perfect home. On the other hand, Beau was ecstatic to share his new home with his cat brother! As their dad Luke said in his video:

“When he laid eyes on Earl for the first time he couldn’t control himself.”

close-up photo of gray cat
Credit: YouTube

From that day on, Beau tried everything to befriend his brother Earl. However, his feline brother was not interested at all! He was annoyed at every attempt Beau made and he just wanted to peacefully relax like he used to do before.

cat and dog under a bed
Credit: YouTube

However, Beau was not giving up, he constantly tried to find new ways to interest grumpy Earl to come and play with him. As their mom Amanda shared:

“On a scale of 1 to 10, in terms of how badly Beau wanted to be friends, I would probably say infinity.”

Beau’s version of giving up was lying close to grumpy Earl and just staring at him. He always wanted to be close to his brother, but Earl couldn’t care less. 

dog lying with a toy
Credit: YouTube

It took Earl almost two years to let poor Beau be close to him. He still didn’t want to play with his dog brother, but he figured out that his presence was unavoidable. 

Amanda and Luke even bought a plushie cat toy for Beau, hoping it would make him happy. Beau played with the stuffed toy, but his heart was still reserved for Earl.

dog sniffing cat
Credit: YouTube

Eventually, after two years of trying, Beau finally got some attention from his brother. Earl came to him one day and gently rubbed against him. As Amanda said:

“When we saw Earl rub up against Beau for the first time, it kind of felt like we won a mini lottery.”

From that day on, Earl learned how to peacefully coexist with his brother Beau. The two would even sleep together, which was a huge milestone for both. 

dog looking at cat sleeping
Credit: YouTube

Their parents were relieved that finally, the two managed to find a love language that made both Earl and Beau happy. 

Hopefully, this story made your day because it sure warmed my heart. We’ve all experienced that bitter one-sided love, and we can agree that poor Beau had to fight hard to earn his brother’s love.

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