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15 Cats And Dogs That Almost Destroyed Christmas

15 Cats And Dogs That Almost Destroyed Christmas

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Can we take a moment to chat about how our fur babies transform from innocent fluffballs into holiday ‘Grinches’ quicker than you can say ‘Jingle Bells’? 

I mean, seriously, who would’ve guessed that beneath those adorable faces lies the spirit of festive chaos?

The holiday season rolls around, and suddenly, your peaceful living room becomes a battlefield. Say goodbye to tranquil evenings by the fire – it’s all about surviving the cuteness catastrophe.

Now, let me present the photographic proof of our beloved pets going full-on Grinch and wreaking havoc on our Christmas cheer. Unwrapped presents? That’s just child’s play for these four-legged rebels.

We’re talking about Christmas decorations chewed up as if they’re on a holiday buffet, trees toppling over, and your meticulously arranged Christmas village looking like it’s been hit by a snowstorm of fur!

Their festive vision clashes head-on with yours, and trust me, it’s a showdown you won’t want to miss. So, fasten your seatbelts, and don’t forget to share your own pics of this fluffy mayhem. ‘Tis the season for chaos, after all! 

#1 Beware Of The Pup Destroyers!

dog with wrapping paper
Credit: Daily Mail

This picture was actually taken as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the many unwanted dogs and puppies staying at shelters. They wanted to collect some toys so every dog can have something to play with at Christmas.

#2 This Dog Is Embracing The Christmas Spirit, Don’t You Think?

dog lying on wrapping paper
Credit: Imgur

Maybe he wants to let everyone know that he’s the best present this year.

#3 This Cat Wanted To Test How Quickly He Could Bring It Down

cat uder a fallen christmas tree
Credit: Imgur

The cat was like: “It took you three hours to set it all up, now watch me take it down in less than 3 seconds!” Hahaha.

#4 “My Cat Ripped Open All The Christmas Presents”

cat lying on its back next to christmas paper
Credit: Imgur

I guess he couldn’t wait for Christmas morning and he just wanted to help his hoomans.

#5 “Dog Jumped Into The Christmas Tree…After The Cat”

dog on a christmas tree
Credit: Imgur

Dogs and cats, a fantastic duo for Christmas wreckage!

#6 “Oh, Good You’re Here, The Tree Just Fainted”

dog sitting next to a fallen christmas tree
Credit: Imgur

I laughed so hard at this photo and this caption combined! The dog really looks like he’s trying to justify the tree for fainting, I love it.

#7 Aren’t I The Star?

cat climbing the christmas tree
Credit: Flickr

#8 The Cat Did Its Job With Christmas Decorations

black cat walking away from fallen christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

#9 Cat Vs Christmas Tree

cat looking at fallen christmas tree
Credit: Imgur

I guess the results so far stand at: Cat 1 Christmas tree 0.

#10 I Believe I Can Fly… Boom!

cat jumping on a christmas tree
Credit: Twitter

#11 Is This Cat Named The Grinch?!

cat between branches of christmas tree
Credit: Imgur

…or does it just look like him?

#12 Oh, We Just Know That This Will Not Stop The Cat…

cat sitting under a christmas tree
Credit: Imgur

#13 Hmmm, Something Feels Odd…

close-up photo of dog in christmas tree
Credit: Cheezburger

#14 A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words…

two dogs with signs sitting by christmas tree
Credit: Pinterest

…or in this case, 9 words say it all. 

#15 It’s Going Down!

cat climbing on christmas tree
Credit: Reddit

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