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Foster Kitten’s Adorable Smile Caught On Camera And The Internet Falls In Love

Foster Kitten’s Adorable Smile Caught On Camera And The Internet Falls In Love

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Despite everything she has been through, this tiny foster kitten keeps on smiling. Her adorable smile is actually what made her go viral.

Blossom, the foster kitten with the cutest smile you’ll ever see, managed to melt everyone’s hearts after her photo went viral. 

woman taking a photo of the kitten
Credit: Lauren Boutz

She was rescued and taken in by her foster mom Lauren Boutz, along with her sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup.

When Lauren took them in, they were still too young to find their forever homes. Therefore, Lauren decided to look after them until they were old enough for adoption.

viral foster kitten
Credit: Lauren Boutz

As time passed by, this fantastic trio grew bigger, stronger, and more playful each day. They began exploring and running around the house.

However, the real magic happened when Lauren decided to set up a photoshoot for these furry little kittens. 

Lauren taking a photo of the kitten on a sofa
Credit: Lauren Boutz

Although all three were incredibly cute, Blossom stole the show with her secret weapon – an unbelievably cute and heartwarming smile.

Lauren turned the camera, and Blossom gave the camera a big, beautiful smile that captured everyone’s heart.

kitten stretched out sleeping
Credit: Lauren Boutz

When Lauren shared the pictures online, Blossom’s photo immediately went viral. People couldn’t believe that a cat could be this cute.

With her irresistible smile, there’s no doubt that Blossom and her sisters found their new homes in the blink of an eye.

viral kitten named blossom
Credit: Lauren Boutz

Thanks to Blossom and her cute viral photo, she brought joy to people all over the world, spreading awareness of rescue cats.

I just can’t get enough of Blossom and her enchanting smile that simply melts everyone’s hearts. 

kitten blossom sitting down and looking at the camera
Credit: Lauren Boutz

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