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List Of 20 Cats With Yellow Eyes

List Of 20 Cats With Yellow Eyes

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Cat lovers, such as myself, love to dig into and explore different topics concerning cats.

I am generally really interested in cat’s eye color, which is why I’ve been going on these different research quests. It is interesting to me how the eye color in cats is determined, what affects it and which cat breed can have which eye color.

Seeing as you’re here reading this, I can only assume the same thing about you. You want to know more about cats with yellow eyes. Which cat breeds can have yellow eyes? Can white cats have yellow eyes, or which coat color matches what eye color…I’ve asked myself all these questions while doing my research.

In the text below you will find the TOP 20 domestic cats with yellow eyes. I’ve divided them into white and black cats, both of which can have yellow-colored eyes.

About Cat’s Eye Color

Eye color, when it comes to cats, is associated with the color of their fur. Even though there is no scientific proof yet, blue-eyed cats mostly have light-colored or white fur, e.g. Siamese cats. Cats with orange or yellow eyes most often, but not always, have black fur.

Cats with a brown/hazel eye color are pretty rare, usually feral or wild cats such as lynx or serval. Cats with odd-colored eyes can happen to any breed, it is called heterochromia.

Cats who have heterochromia have each iris of a different color, and cat breeds that are prone to this are Turkish Angoras, Japanese bobtails, and Turkish Vans.

Cats with green eyes lack melanin pigment in their iris. Cats that have green eyes can have both dark or light-colored coats. Russian Blue cats usually have green eyes, but they can have eyes in other colors as well.

Every cat will have a different shade of green eyes, which is dictated by their genetics. Cat’s eyes can be a darker green color or a yellowish-green color.

All kittens are born with blue or bluish eyes, however as they grow older, a kitten’s eye color changes. Some cats remain blue-eyed, others grow up to have eyes of a different color.

Cat’s eye color can be blue, green, hazel, golden, or copper, meaning a yellow or orange eye color, or odd-colored. The rarest one is orange, and the most common color is yellow or greenish-yellow.

A cat’s eye color depends on their genetics, amino acids, the color of their fur and skin, and the level of melanin present. The most important factor that influences the cat’s eye color is melanin; higher levels of melanin results in darker eye color.

White Cats With Yellow Eyes

In this section, you can find the top ten white cat breeds that can have yellow eyes. These cat breeds can have different colored coats but are most likely to have yellow eyes and at the same time have white fur.

White cats, due to their white gene, are most usually going to have blue eyes. However, after thorough research, I have found that the following cat breeds can be white and have yellow eyes.

1. Bengal Cat

Photo from: @mytigrabengal

Bengal cats are widely known for their spotted coats. Their coats can be spotted or marbled and can come in different colors, they are short and easy to groom. The colors that are accepted by breeders, and by the Cat Fanciers Association, are snowy white, brown, or silver.

Bengal cats usually have golden yellow eyes, or green eyes. However, their eye color can vary from a gray shade to a golden orange shade. They are quite talkative, active, and extremely playful cats that are easily trained and friendly towards humans and other pets.

Bengal cats closely resemble leopards, which is a trait a lot of people like. However, even though they resemble a wild animal, they are sweet and loving domestic cats who love to cuddle and are extremely soft to touch.

A Bengal cat will love you unconditionally and form strong bonds with its owners. They can adapt to their new living arrangements and surroundings quickly as long as their humans are with them.

You should consider buying different toys and cat trees so your Bengal cat is entertained when left alone, even adopting a second cat would be a great idea.

2. British Shorthair

Even though they are typically blue, the British Shorthair can also be white.

The eye color of these purebred cats can be yellow, orange, green, or most usually blue/aqua blue.

A British Shorthair is a highly intelligent breed and their nature is mostly calm. They are easily trained, easily groomed, and are a great choice for first-time pet owners. They are also quite friendly towards pets and people other than their owners. British Shorthair’s coat length is short, and it can be solid, calico, bi-color, tabby or color point.

Besides gray, which is the most dominant, possible coat colors are white, black, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, brown, beige, or orange.

3. Turkish Van Kedisi

The body of a Turkish Van Kedisi cat is usually white with different colored marks.

A Turkish Van is an affectionate, friendly, and trainable cat. They are extremely intelligent cats, so it is easy to train them and teach them tricks or play fetch. They are also cuddly, but will not bother you or sit on your lap as much as other domestic cats.

They are more a fan of snuggling in next to you than on you, and they like to be petted; they are not a fan of being picked up and held. The eye color of a Turkish Van is yellow, amber to be exact.

The coat of a Turkish Van is long and their shedding is seasonal. The patterns of their coats are bi-color with white color as a base which covers almost the entire body, except the markings on the head and tail.

Markings and spots on their bodies are usually: black, orange, blue, or brown. According to some research, the spots can vary, and can even be of any color, mixed with white.

4. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex has a unique appearance, large eyes, big ears, and a slim body. Their eye color can be copper, yellow, blue, or green; they can also be odd-eyed.

The Cornish Rex breed of cat is intelligent, playful, and somewhat hyperactive. Next to their appearance, their outgoing personalities are bound to catch anyone’s attention. They are easily groomed, and extremely loyal cats who love to spend time with their owners. They will be friendly to other pets, and to humans.

Cornish Rex has a short coat and an under coat which is soft and curly. Their coat pattern can be color point, bi-color, or tabby. Possible coat colors: black, white, red, chocolate, beige, or blue.

5. Khao Manee

The Khao Manee cat breed usually has odd-eyes, meaning one eye is usually blue and the other is yellow. However, they can also have either blue or yellow eyes.

These cats are very playful, incredibly smart, and active. They are easily trained, and will be friendly towards other pets and humans.

A Khao Manee is a good choice for first-time pet owners since they have short coats and are easily groomed. They are relaxed and outgoing and will be fine with many visitors. A Khao Manee really appreciates the attention you give them and, as long as you’re home, they don’t mind it if you have a party every night!

These beautiful cats are a breed that comes to mind whenever someone thinks of white cats with yellow eyes, since they have only a solid pattern and their fur can only be white.

These felines are very loyal and anyone would be lucky to have them as pets.

6. Persian Cat

A Persian cat’s coat can come in different colors, a white Persian cat usually has orange or yellow/gold eyes, but they can also have a green or blue eye color. Persian cats are pretty quiet, curious, and loving pets. They love to cuddle, are extremely friendly and they make a good lap cat.

Their long-haired coats can be calico, solid, color point, bi-color, or tabby. Their fur can be of different colors, black is the rarest one. Persian cats need a lot of grooming: brushing at least once a day.

You need to brush them to prevent the fur from tangling. You are also required to bathe them a bit more than other cat breeds. In order to make it easier later on, both for you and the cat, you should try and start bathing them from an early age.

7. American Curl

An American Curl cat is known for its bent ears. This breed is sociable, loving, friendly, extremely playful, and active.

They can have either a long or short coat, but are easily groomed. Their coats can be solid or calico, tabby, color point, or bi-color. Fur colors, other than white, include: black, beige, lilac, red, brown, cinnamon, lavender, lilac, fawn, or gray/blue.

Their eye color can be yellow or gold, but also aqua, copper, green, hazel, orange, or they can be odd-eyed.

The American Curl is a really active cat breed, they preserve the energy of a kitten until they reach full adulthood, and it can last for two or three years of their lives. They remain smart and active even later in life, they are mostly physical and not vocal. They will give head bumps or cuddles rather than meow at you.

They tolerate being left alone, but will also appreciate your company when you are around. An American Curl adapts pretty easily to their surroundings, location, and people.

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest cats are more typically bi-colored, but this breed can also be white with yellow eyes. Norwegian Forest cats are very sociable, loving, intelligent, and bold. They are easily trained, very friendly, and playful yet calm. Norwegian Forest cats form strong bonds with their owners. They love attention, but will not be annoying about it.

They are extremely friendly towards anyone and can adapt to their surroundings pretty quickly. Norwegian Forest Cats’ beautiful long coat pattern can be solid, tabby, calico, or bi-color.

Colors: black, white, red, ebony, cream, lavender, or gray. Their eye color can be yellow, orange, or green.

9. Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is a fairly rare cat breed that is known for its short tail and for its ability to have either a short or a long coat.

They usually have odd-colored or blue eyes, but the color can also be in variations of golden yellow, orange, or green.

A Japanese Bobtail is a loving, sociable, smart, and bold type of cat. They are good for families and extremely friendly to other pets, both cats and dogs. They are easily groomed, trainable, and quite active. You have more opportunities for playtime activities with this cat breed than any other, they are extremely active and playful.

They somewhat resemble dogs since they like playing fetch and greeting you at the door. The coat patterns of a Japanese Bobtail can be solid, calico, tabby, or bi-color. Possible fur colors: black, white, brown, cream, gray, silver, or red.

10. Domestic Shorthair

white cat with yellow eyes

Domestic Shorthair cats come in a variety of colors. Their fur color can be any of them, including white, of course. Their eye color can be yellow, green, blue, or orange.

This cat breed is fairly popular among indoor cats, they make great pets. Their personality, just like their fur colors, can vary. They are mostly calm, fun, curious, independent, a bit clingy, but also quite intelligent. Some can have intelligence that prevails, others can be more affectionate…or it can be a mix of all these traits.

The Domestic Shorthair is a great choice for a family pet since they do not require much maintenance, their coats are short and they are able to clean themselves almost entirely.

However, it is a good idea to brush them regularly to keep their coats nice and clean and to prevent hair from being found around the house.

Black Cat Breeds With Yellow Eyes

In the list below, you will find the top ten cat breeds that can have yellow eyes and be black at the same time.

Their coats can be different colors too, but these breeds are most likely to have yellow eyes combined with black fur.

1. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair was bred primarily because of their intelligence and hunting abilities, later on cat lovers started noticing them so they became loving house pets.

This is an affectionate, bold, protective, friendly, and loyal cat breed. They are not demanding and when it comes to grooming, you don’t need to worry much since they have short-hair coats. American Shorthair cats are also intelligent and easy to train, they are not prone to separation anxiety since they were primarily bred to be outdoor hunters and that remains in their genes.

This is a great choice for a first-time pet, since they tolerate being left alone, they do not require much grooming and will adapt easily to any changes in their surroundings.

The eyes of an American Shorthair are usually in some shade of greenish-yellow, but can be green or golden yellow.

The length of their coat is short, and it can come in a bi-color, tri-color, tabby, or solid pattern. Colors other than black include white, orange, gray/blue, brown, or cream.

2. Manx Cat

The Manx cat is known as a cat that has no tail. This cat breed indeed has no tail, due to the natural genetic mutation. They are favored among cat lovers and are the most common cat breed on the Isle of Man.

This cat breed is extremely affectionate, moderately playful and active, and good with people of any age. Manx cats are also friendly and socialize pretty well with other cats. They speak only when they need to and are okay being left alone.

Manx cats have short coats which can be solid, bi-color, tri-color, tabby, or color point. Fur colors, other than solid black, include white, brown, beige, blue, or red. Their eye color varies from golden yellow to copper, but they can also have green, blue, or brown eyes.

3. Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat is a perfect breed for wildlife lovers. It is a mixed breed of American Shorthair and Burmese cat, and yet the look of a Bombay cat resembles the black panther. Bombay cats are great for families, they are good with seniors, children, and other cats. They are affectionate, loving, sociable, and are a great choice for a family pet.

Bombay cats are also quite playful, but can also be a bit reserved which makes them great and safe around children. The length of their coat is short, and this breed only has a solid black coat pattern: black or ebony color. Their eye color is mostly yellow, but can sometimes be orange, golden yellow, or green.

4. Sphynx

I know what you’re thinking, Sphynx is a hairless breed. Yes, but their skin can be black, and agree with yellow eye color perfectly.

Sphynx cats are highly intelligent, hyperactive, playful, and loving pets. Their bodies can be cinnamon brown, white, black, lilac, cream, fawn, silver, or red. Their coat patterns – those formed on their skin and visible due to their lack of fur – can be bi-color, tri-color, tabby, color point, or solid.

These cats are considered hypoallergenic, and friendly towards other pets and humans. They are extremely loyal and really love to cuddle and sit on your lap. They are funny, love to entertain their humans, sociable, curious, and talkative. They can be pretty noisy and will talk to you when they need something or when they just want to chat.

5. Maine Coon

Majestic-looking Maine Coons are long-haired, large domestic cats; they’re the largest domestic breed. Maine Coons are sociable, loving, easily trained, extremely loyal, and cuddly cats. All Maine Coons are truly beautiful, but a black Maine Coon is not only beautiful, it is also extremely rare.

Maine Coon cats usually have yellow eyes, but they can also have orange, green, gold, or a mixture of green and gold colors.

They will form strong bonds and love their humans unconditionally. They are quite playful and very intelligent. Maine Coons make great family pets, and their fluffy, majestic bodies are wonderfully cuddly.

Their coat length is long and can be solid, bi-color, tri-color, tabby, or color point. Other than black, their fur can be white, orange, ebony, brown, beige, or gray.

6. Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthairs are cats who love to spend time with humans. Their interesting looks will catch anyone’s attention and surely put a smile on your face.

Oriental Shorthair cats are friendly, sociable, loving, very active, and highly intelligent. They are also quite talkative, so be prepared for long conversations. They are easy to take care of, and friendly to other cats, and to humans. They will be extremely loyal to their owners and will always be ready for a talking session.

Oriental Shorthairs are very energetic cats so it is normal that they spend most of their time being active, but don’t think that they won’t snuggle up in your lap every once in a while.

An Oriental Shorthair cat has a short coat that comes in various patterns: tabby, marbled, calico, bi-color, or solid. Colors: brown, black, white, red, lilac, cream, cinnamon, fawn, silver, or gray. Their eye color is usually green but can be odd colored, blue, golden yellow, or orange.

7. Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin cats are large, fluffy, cuddly cats. They are not that larger than other domestic cats, but their enormous fluffy coat makes them appear bigger. Their coats are long and can be solid, bi-color, tri-color, tabby, or color point. Various fur colors can be black, white, gray, silver, lilac, fawn, brown, or red.

Their eye colors can be golden yellow, copper/orange, aqua blue, or green.

Despite the length of their coat, they do not require special grooming sessions, since their shedding is normal. Usually, combing them twice a week is enough to keep their coats looking fabulous.

These cats are laid-back, relaxed, affectionate pets that love to cuddle. They enjoy spending time with their owners and are friendly towards other people and other pets as well.

8. Devon Rex

The eyes of a Devon Rex can be any possible color. When their eye color is yellow, their fur is usually black. They are highly active and very playful cats. The Devon Rex breed is often described as hyperactive because they are more active than any other domestic cat breed.

The Devon Rex loves to entertain people and will do anything to get your full attention. Even though they may sound demanding, they will speak only when they need to but will get your attention with their deeds.

Devon Rex is also sociable, loving, outgoing, and friendly. Devon Rex is easy to train, easy to groom, will be extremely loyal to its owners, and friendly to anyone. Devon Rex has a short coat that is wavy. The coat patterns can be solid, calico, bi-color, color point, or tabby. The colors, other than black, can be gray, white, chocolate, lavender, cinnamon, beige, red, fawn, or ebony.

9. Scottish Fold

A Scottish Fold cat usually has yellow or copper eyes, but can also have blue or golden eyes. They are most usually odd-eyed due to heterochromia, where one eye is orange or golden and the other is blue.

A Scottish Fold is a very cuddly cat breed. They are sweet, smart, loving cats who love to play. They love playing with their owners and will appreciate the love and attention you provide.

They are easily trained and easily groomed, the only thing you need to pay special attention to is their weight. They are prone to gaining weight, so you’ll need to watch their diet. A Scottish Fold can grow up to have either a short or a long coat. Either way, it will not require special grooming sessions.

Their coat patterns can be tabby, calico, solid, or bi-color. They are usually gray/blue colored, but can also be black, and they usually have yellow eyes. Other coat colors: white, red, cream, silver, or fawn.

10. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair cats will mostly have yellow or copper eyes, while white or light-colored Exotics will have blue eyes, usually dark blue.

Their coat color can be both white and black, and also brown, cinnamon, lavender, ebony, cream, lilac, or orange. But they are most likely to have yellow eyes and black fur.

The Exotic Shorthair cats are quite sociable, loving, friendly, and good for families including kids and seniors. They are friendly to other cats and dogs. They are not too active but will enjoy playtime with their owners every once in a while. Exotic Shorthairs are extremely loyal and not too demanding, they are pretty quiet cats.

However, their coats require grooming. Even though their coats are short, you are required to brush them at least once a week. They shed seasonally, so you should groom them a bit more during spring.

Q & A

What does it mean when a cat has yellow eyes?

When a cat has yellow eyes, it means that the cells which produce melanin are active. For example, if your cat has darker yellow eyes, it means that their melanocytes – which are highly active – prevail.

If your cat has a lemon yellow eye color, then their melanocytes which are less active prevailed.

Is it rare for cats to have yellow eyes?

No. Yellow eye color is one of the most common eye colors in cats, next to blue, hazel, and green.

What is a GREY cat with yellow eyes?

The Chartreux cat breed is the best–known cat that has gray fur and yellow eyes.

What kind of cat is white with yellow eyes?

Khao Manee is a breed of cat that has white fur and yellow eyes.

Other cat breeds that can be white with yellow eyes are Bengal, British Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Turkish Van Kedisi, Persian, American Curl, Norwegian Forest cats, and Domestic Shorthair.

What do cats with yellow eyes eat?

A cat’s eye color has nothing to do with its appetite.

However, if you’re referring to the health issue (discoloration due to liver disease called jaundice) you should talk to your vet who will prescribe a special diet.

The diet will contain a lot of high-quality proteins, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and fats.

What are the other colors of cats besides grey?

Besides gray, commonly referred to as blue, cats can have the following fur colors:

black, white, brown/chocolate, lilac, lavender/silver, cinnamon, red, or cream/beige.

What are the different colors of cat eyes?

The colors of a cat’s eyes can be: yellow, green, blue, brown/hazel, or orange. However, every cat is different and every cat will have a different shade of these colors.

Final Thoughts

Adult cats can have different eye colors, with the most common eye colors being yellow, green, blue, or hazel, with orange cat eye color being the rarest.

Cat’s eye color is connected with their fur color. I have selected types of cats that can be black or white and have yellow eyes.

While growing up, cats change the color of their eyes. All kittens are born with blue eyes. A cat’s eye color depends on their genetics, amino acids, the color of their fur and skin, and the amount of melanin present.

I hope that this article helps you understand cat’s eye colors and which cat breeds and fur colors usually have which eye color. I have divided cats with yellow eyes into white and black cat breeds so you know in which direction to move your research.

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