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7 Tips To Keep Your Cat Healthy And Happy

7 Tips To Keep Your Cat Healthy And Happy

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Keeping our pet cats healthy is, without a doubt, a full-time job. I’m sure that every cat owner knows that every moment spent caring for our pets is a moment well-spent. 

No. 1 A Healthy Diet 

Gray and white cat eats dry food

A healthy diet almost always equals a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is important. The key factor in maintaining a healthy weight is your cat’s diet, as well as exercise. In order to feed your cat a healthy diet, it is best to talk to your vet. 

Your vet will examine your cat and decide which food is the most suitable for them. 

No. 2 Fresh Water, Always!

striped cat drinks water from plate

It is always important that you provide your cat with plenty of fresh, clean water that it can get to at any time. When your cat is properly hydrated, it will be healthy and happy, but hydration will also help prevent several health issues, like kidney disease or UTIs. 

However, pay attention to your cat and its drinking habits; many cats get picky when it comes to their water. If your cat refuses to drink out of its water bowl, consider a wider bowl or a water fountain.

No. 3 A Clean Litter Box

a man cleans a cat litter box

First things first; always have more than one litter box in the house! No matter how many cats you have, there has to be another litter box for them to use. And, lucky for you (LOL) you have to clean them all! 

Nobody likes a dirty toilet, and your cat won’t like it either. Clean the litter box regularly; preferably scoop on a daily basis, and thoroughly clean it once a week. 

No. 4 Grooming Sessions

Adorable long haired siberian cat enjoys being brushed

Even though our beloved feline friends are great at grooming and cleaning themselves, sometimes they might need a helping hand to thoroughly clean their furry coats. 

No matter the length of your cat’s coat, every cat benefits from grooming and brushing. You can help keep their coat shiny and clean, and – most importantly – healthy.

Sometimes cats cannot get rid of tangles and dander on their own, and that’s where you come in. Also, grooming is a terrific way to bond with your cat!

No. 5 Scratchers And Cat Trees

Cute cat uses a scratching post

Playtime is important for your cat’s physical and mental development, and their overall health. You’ll help keep your cat agile, and active, and you can promote a healthy lifestyle by providing it with different toys, scratchers, cat trees, and platforms that it can explore. 

Train your cat to climb a cat tree and to use scratching posts; this will not only help evoke your cat’s natural instincts, but it will also keep your cat healthy and save your furniture from claw damage. 

Scratching in cats is a normal and natural behavior, which is why it’s important to provide your cat with its own scratching post and teach it how to use it.

No. 6 Think About Neutering Or Spaying Your Cat

the vet sterilizes the cat on the table

If you haven’t already, think about neutering or spaying your kitty. Whether it’s a male or a female cat, your pet can develop serious reproductive diseases, which can easily be prevented by this medical procedure. 

Neutering helps prevent prostate issues and testicular cancer in male cats, while spaying reduces the risk of mammary tumors and uterine infections in female cats. 

Additionally, neutering and spaying helps reduce the number of stray cats all around the world. Neutered/spayed felines are usually healthier and happier, so if you’re considering it, discuss it with your veterinarian and let them help you decide.

No. 7 Visit The Vet Regularly

cute cat at the vet

A vet visit is always a good idea, if you ask me. Even if your cat is healthy, a once-a-year visit is recommended. This way you help your vet keep track of your cat’s well-being, and you’re also taking preventative measures. 

If there is some underlying issue or potential problem that is in its early stages, your vet will catch it. 

Your vet will also keep an eye on your cat’s weight, and it doesn’t hurt anyone if you go over your cat’s diet plan or ask any questions you may have. 

Note: if you notice anything different about your cat, its daily routine, eating habits, behavior, etc., or if your cat seems sick, you should call your vet ASAP. 

Did You Know? 

Did you know that there are some veterinarians who are exclusively cat vets? Every animal has different needs when it comes to medical care, which is why there are some vets who choose to specialize and create a practice for cats only. 

Keep that in mind and see if there is a local cat-friendly vet you can visit. Having a vet that specializes in cats’ behavior and health is always valuable. 

I hope you liked these tips that will help you keep your cat healthy, and also happy!

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