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Elderly Cat Left At Shelter By Her Owner, After Living Her Entire Life In A Comfy Home

Elderly Cat Left At Shelter By Her Owner, After Living Her Entire Life In A Comfy Home

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Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment, or at least, it should be. It’s disheartening to think that some families might abandon their faithful companions in their old age, or worse, leave them to fend for themselves on the streets.

I mean, who has the heart to do such a thing?

Unfortunately, this was the plight of a 22-year-old feline named Thelma. She had spent her entire life in a loving and comfortable home, and she had hoped that it would be her forever home. 

But, one fateful day, her family made the difficult decision to surrender her to their local shelter.

At least they didn’t abandon her recklessly on the streets, but it was a heart-wrenching situation nonetheless.

To make matters worse, the shelter Thelma was taken to was already at full capacity, lacking the time and resources to care for this elderly kitty.

Fortunately, the angels at Best Friends Felines heard about Thelma’s plight, and they wasted no time in preparing a foster home for her.

Niki from Best Friends Felines said: 

“Her family are no longer able to afford her care due to the rising costs of living.”

Instead of enjoying her golden years in comfort, Thelma found herself all alone, way too skinny, and missing patches of fur.

But, Best Friends Felines rescue was determined to give Thelma the life she deserved, filled with love and care. 

When they reached out to their community for a foster carer for this senior feline, a dedicated volunteer stepped up to change Thelma’s life.

The moment Thelma met her new caregiver was nothing short of heartwarming. It was as if she sensed that he was the one destined to help her. 

She happily rubbed her face on her carer, while making biscuits with her paws. Thelma instantly proved to be an affectionate love-bug.

The first thing to do was to take Thelma to the vet, where she received a thorough examination and all the necessary treatments. On top of everything, she even received a luxurious spa treatment. Her rescuer happily reported:

“She is looking sparkly new with a mat-free coat.”

Thelma was also treated for a urinary tract infection (UTI), but aside from that, she was in good health, a fact she didn’t hesitate to express with her constant purring. 

She was beyond thrilled to finally be in the gentle and caring hands she so richly deserved.

Thelma quickly found herself in a purrfectly comfortable environment, joining the rescue’s palliative care program. 

This program ensures that special needs and super senior cats have a lifelong haven filled with love and care, ensuring they experience the best life possible.

It didn’t take Thelma long to settle into her new, comfortable environment. She finally found a comfy place to spend her golden years, along with a dedicated carer right beside her.

She adjusted so quickly that she had already explored the entire home and had already explored every corner of her new home. 

Most of all, Thelma enjoyed nestling in soft blankets, and pillows, or even sharing the bed with her favorite humans. Nikki said:

“She will live the remainder of her life, however long that is in Best Friends Felines’ care with endless love from her carer, vet trips when needed, and a full belly and comfy bed.”

Though she may not be with the family she grew up with, Thelma is a content kitty. She enjoys a full belly, a comfy place to rest, and everything she needs to make her golden years truly remarkable.

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