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Woman Rescues An Emaciated Stray Cat And Nurses Her Back To Health In Just One Month

Woman Rescues An Emaciated Stray Cat And Nurses Her Back To Health In Just One Month

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Recently, a kind woman encountered an emaciated stray cat on her way home. The poor feline looked as though she had seen better days; she was weak and extremely skinny, with her fur messily shaved and patches of hair missing all over her body. 

She looked downright beaten up.

stray cat
Source: YouTube

Heartbroken by the cat’s condition, the woman kneeled down and called to her. The kitty slowly approached, allowing the woman to pet her, clearly desperate for attention. 

Seeing the cat’s exposed rib cage, the woman knew she couldn’t leave her to fend for herself on the streets. 

As a passionate cat lover and proud cat mom, she knew exactly what to do next. She gently scooped the kitty up, placed her in a cardboard box, and took her home, where their journey of recovery commenced…

A Month Filled With Ups And Downs

dirty white cat
Source: YouTube

At home, the woman served her new feline friend two cans of cat food. Having likely gone days without a proper meal, the cat devoured the food ravenously, which deeply upset the woman. 

She couldn’t fathom how someone could abandon such an adorable cat to fend for herself. 

The woman named the cat Bailey and promptly scheduled a much-needed vet checkup for the next day.

white cat with big eyes
Source: YouTube

At the clinic, the vet established that Bailey was around 7 months old and extremely malnourished for her age. 

She also had a runny nose and conjunctivitis, for which the vet prescribed certain injections she had to come in and take daily.

So, the woman took Bailey home, committing to bring her back each day until her condition improved.

white cat in bag
Source: YouTube

Bailey didn’t seem to mind her daily trips to the vet’s office – in fact, she appeared to enjoy them. She was a well-behaved kitty, a bit shy at first, but she quickly grew to trust her new human. 

By the third day, her confidence had significantly improved. Bailey began exploring her new home and showing her owner just how affectionate, curious, and playful she could be.

cat with shirt
Source: YouTube

The other cats in the woman’s home almost instantly accepted Bailey. It was as if they sensed she was special and needed all the love and compassion they could offer. They were all very gentle with her. 

Sometimes, the woman would catch Bailey staring out the window for long periods, perhaps missing her mother or reflecting on her past life. 

However, Bailey would soon snap out of her daydreaming and return to the present, where she had an owner who loved her dearly.

white cat on chair
Source: YouTube

What brought Bailey the most comfort was the food. She was so obsessed with it and ate with such gusto that her owner couldn’t take her eyes off her. 

After finishing her own meal, Bailey would move on to her siblings’ bowls to polish off their leftovers as well. 

Her enormous appetite, likely a result of the many months she spent hungry on the streets, was the largest in the entire household. 

Her owner was relieved to see her eat so well, knowing that this meant Bailey would soon gain weight and regain her health.

cute cat with shirt on
Source: YouTube

For the most part, Bailey’s condition was improving. However, the woman soon noticed that Bailey couldn’t stop coughing. So, during one of their regular vet visits, she asked the vet to examine her, and it turned out Bailey had mild inflammation. 

This minor setback didn’t discourage the woman. She recognized Bailey’s zest for life and was confident that her little fighter could overcome any challenge.

bathing white cat
Source: YouTube

After 8 days of injection therapy, the vet finally approved a much-needed bath for Bailey. 

The woman took her to a professional groomer, and once they finished, Bailey looked amazing. 

The woman knew that in no time, Bailey would look like a completely different cat. She just had to remain patient and hopeful…

adorable white cat
Source: YouTube

As time passed, Bailey became increasingly lively. She loved to play and cuddle with her owner, to whom she grew extremely attached. 

However, the pair encountered another challenge: The woman noticed unusual spots on Bailey’s back, which the vet diagnosed as ringworm, a common skin fungal infection in cats.

After a few days of isolation, proper medication, and plenty of delicious food – which served as the best coping mechanism – Bailey’s infection cleared up. From that point on, everything improved for her…

The Transformative Power Of Love

As the woman predicted, Bailey looked like a completely different cat after just one month! 

Do you want to see what beautiful feline she blossomed into? Let’s first remember what Bailey looked like on the day the woman found her on the street: 

white cat laying down
Source: YouTube

I’m so happy this poor stray, clearly desperate for love, crossed paths with such an amazing and kind woman who changed her life for the better, turning her from an ugly duckling into a literal purrincess. Just look at her!

sweet white cat
Source: YouTube

What an incredible transformation, right? This just goes to show that love is truly the most powerful force in the universe. It can redeem any sin and positively change any life.

close view of cute cat
Source: YouTube

I’m thrilled that Bailey found her human and got a second chance at life. If these two had never met, Bailey might have withered away on the streets. 

Now, she enjoys all the perks of a loved and pampered feline life, complete with affection and, of course, delicious food.

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