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Couple’s Persistence Saves Scared Stray Cat In Need During The Snowstorm

Couple’s Persistence Saves Scared Stray Cat In Need During The Snowstorm

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Cats are known to be resilient to harsh weather and to often seek shelter in unexpected places, yet even with these advantages, they are still susceptible to consequences. 

Because of a stray kitty named Myrlin, two kindhearted people named John and Arianne went above and beyond during a snowstorm to rescue an unfortunate feline.

They were surprised to see an unexpected guest when the winter storm dumped a thick layer of snow on their balcony: a long-haired gray cat that was trying to escape the icy weather. 

cat eating from a plastic bowl
Credit: Chatons Orphelins

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, they set out to help the unknown cat. They suspected it was hiding under a tarp on a chair. With a camera, they waited for it to return for shelter and food.

A few hours later, the cat slowly came out of the shadows and gobbled the provided supper, proving that their efforts had paid off. 

Arianne cautiously stepped onto the balcony with more food for the skittish cat. However, the cat got startled and suddenly jumped over the railing disappearing into the night.

Eventually, a connection started to develop between the couple and the cat. As they worked on building trust, Arianne added:

“He seemed to want help. He had knots and snow in his coat.” 

As daylight broke, they decided to carry on with their mission to save the cat, using a humane trap to ensure his safe capture. 

cat in a kennel
Credit: Chatons Orphelins

Their tenacity surely paid off as they were able to rescue him. John and Arianne were aware that they would need help, so they reached out to a nearby rescue organization.

After a thorough check-up, Myrlin’s teeth required some fixing. It was quite astonishing how calmly he endured the whole process, showing great stoicism. 

The foster home became a haven for healing. Shy at first, Myrlin navigated the unfamiliar space with cautious steps. 

Yet, human kindness proved to be a powerful balm and with time and empathy, he was able to finally reveal his shy side. The couple added:

“With a little time and plenty of love, Myrlin came out of his shell and turned into a love bug.”

photo of rescued cat
Credit: Chatons Orphelins

Despite everything that has happened to him, Myrlin’s spirit remains remarkably gentle. As Arianne put it:

“He has almost no teeth, so he often sticks out his tongue. He is a little gentleman who gets along with other cats but loves people with all his heart.” 

He offers hugs and snuggles when they are working from home. Toys became his favorite playthings, scratching posts his personal jungle gyms, and catnip, a potent elixir of feline joy. 

He loves to be petted, and in return, he gives his people nose kisses and rubs his head against theirs.

“When he is not glued to his humans, he can be found perching on top of the cat tree, watching little critters and neighbors out the window. He loves being the center of attention, the king of the castle. He makes this high-pitched meow when he demands cuddles or food.”

After spending many nights out in the cold, Myrlin now sleeps in a comfortable bed with his humans, and the chill of winter has been replaced by the warmth of love. 

gray rescued cat lying
Credit: Chatons Orphelins

One thing is certain, despite bumps along the way: Myrlin has found a life beyond his wildest expectations, all because of John and Arianne.

In the end, the story of this feline friend and his rescuers provides a ray of hope in a world full of difficulties and uncertainty. 

Though stray cats are sometimes overlooked, they are incredibly loving. Aside from having distinct identities, they also possess a strong appreciation for the small pleasures in life, like a warm bed and a helping hand. 

And just like Myrlin, the calming presence and everlasting affection of a stray cat can make adopting them quite rewarding.

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