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Tiny Puppy And An Even Tinier Kitten Comfort Each Other After Their Mothers Reject Them

Tiny Puppy And An Even Tinier Kitten Comfort Each Other After Their Mothers Reject Them

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Friendships can be found in the unlikeliest of places, even between animals of different species. 

Sometimes, two souls just click, and that’s exactly what happened with a tiny kitten and a puppy, both rejected by their mothers but found comfort in each other.

puppy and kitten sleeping
Credit: Instagram

Emilie Rackovan, an animal rescuer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is known for her willingness to help animals in need. Recently, she stepped in to rescue two heavily pregnant cats whose caretaker could no longer care for them. 

Emilie took in one mother cat and her newborn kittens, while another foster family took in the other cat. Among Emilie’s new arrivals was a tiny kitten named Kangaroo, who was so small that her mother refused to care for her.

kitten held in hand
Credit: Instagram

It’s not uncommon for mother cats to neglect the weakest kitten, focusing their energy on the stronger ones. To keep Kangaroo alive, Emilie had to bottle-feed her, but despite her best efforts, the little kitten would cry endlessly after being rejected by her mother.

Around the same time, Emilie also took in a mother dog and her eight newborn puppies from a shelter. Most of the puppies were placed with a foster family, but Emilie kept the smallest one, a pup she named Possum because she resembled the animal. 

“I took her in as a bottle baby. The goal was to reunite her with the rest of the puppies, but she’s still so small.”

tiny puppy sleeping
Credit: Instagram

Possum, much like Kangaroo, was the runt of her litter and wasn’t getting the care she needed from her mother. She was only a third of the normal weight and seemed to have no will to survive.

Emilie fed Possum with a bottle and watched her grow, but like Kangaroo, the little pup cried often. Noticing the loneliness in both the kitten and the puppy, Emilie decided to introduce them to each other. That’s when something magical happened. 

rejected puppy and kitten
Credit: Instagram

The moment Kangaroo and Possum met, they became inseparable. They found in each other the comfort they had been missing. Emilie shared on Instagram:

“They immediately became inseparable and now only cry when they know it’s time for a bottle!” 

kitten and puppy cuddling
Credit: Instagram

“Something I love about animals is that they don’t care what each other looks like. Sometimes we just need a friend.”

Their bond is a heartwarming reminder that comfort and friendship can overcome anything. However, Emilie hopes that once they are weaned, their mothers will accept them back. 

kitten lying on a puppy
Credit: Instagram

Until then, Kangaroo and Possum have found solace in each other, showing that love and companionship can come from the most unexpected places. As she shared:

“It’s pretty normal for any baby animal to seek comfort in another animal, regardless of species, but it’s adorable to see them form this friendship. They love to snuggle and sleep all cozied up to each other.”

This touching story of Kangaroo and Possum’s friendship is a beautiful reminder that even in difficult times, we can find comfort and joy in the connections we make. Please share their unique story and spread the joy with your friends. 

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