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Family’s Road Trip Was Going As Planned Until They Heard A Mysterious Cry Coming From The Hood

Family’s Road Trip Was Going As Planned Until They Heard A Mysterious Cry Coming From The Hood

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Mary Wolford and her family decided to hit the road one day and drive from their home to their other house. Everything was going great until they pulled up at their destination.

Once they shut off the engine, they heard a mysterious cry coming from under the hood. They popped the hood, and what did they see? A cute, fluffy face staring right back at them.

Turns out, nestled snugly under the engine was a teeny kitten! Can you believe it? This little furball had hitched a ride the whole way! 

cat under hood of the car
Credit: Mary Wolford

The Wolford family couldn’t believe it, as Mary explained:

“Everyone was shocked that he was alive. He rode probably 20 or 30 miles in there.”

They couldn’t see much of him at first, just his fluffy head poking out. They were worried sick about him, wondering if he was hurt. But one thing was clear: they had to rescue him, pronto.

close-up photo of cat under the hood
Credit: Mary Wolford

They managed to coax him out of their car, but that mischievous little rascal didn’t stick around. He darted under another car and vanished into the night!

“When we got to him under the first car, he ran off and went into another! Thankfully, that time he was somewhat easy to reach from under the hood as opposed to under the car/engine.”

After a bit of a chase, they finally nabbed him and brought him inside. They named him Raccoon, and it was like he belonged with them from the start.

cat hissing
Credit: Mary Wolford

Sure, Raccoon was a bit shy at first, hiding and hissing like he was playing hide-and-seek. But the Wolfords were determined to shower him with love and make him feel at home.

“He was scared, hissing and trying to hide in the corner of the carrier when we got him. He was pretty wary of everything for the first several days. We think he was a stray, so while not fully feral, he was pretty apprehensive.”

cat wrapped up in a towel
Credit: Mary Wolford

But before long, Raccoon started warming up to them. Now, he’s living it up with the Wolfords, fitting right in like he’s always been there. Mary shares:

“He is doing great. It took some time for everyone to get acquainted, but overall, he’s getting along with everyone.”

cat sitting on woman's chest
Credit: Mary Wolford

Even the dogs are warming up to Raccoon, although he’s still a bit unsure about them. As Mary explains: 

“The only hurdle now is the dogs … he has yet to give them a chance. It’s kind of funny to see him fluff up and hiss at my Great Dane, who just wonders what his problem is.”

cat sleeping on books
Credit: Mary Wolford

All in all, Raccoon is living his best life. From a surprise car passenger to a permanent member of the Wolford family, talk about a feel-good story for this little furball. 

He went from being alone on the streets to having a warm home and a loving family. This fluffy hitchhiker truly hit the jackpot with his unexpected ride.

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