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People Loved This Ginger Cat’s Reaction To The Viral ‘Dangle Test’

People Loved This Ginger Cat’s Reaction To The Viral ‘Dangle Test’

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Have you ever heard of the feline “dangle test?” If not, then get ready to be amazed because it’s truly brilliant!

Dr. Tori Given, a skilled veterinarian hailing from Manhattan, Kansas recently shared a video on her TikTok in which she explained the concept of the so-called “dangle test.” 

This nifty little trick can supposedly help cat parents assess their feline companion’s temperament.

In theory, all you have to do is pick up your cat and hold it under their front legs, with their hind legs dangling down. Once secure, gently swing them from side to side; if remain calm and unfazed, it apparently indicates a tranquil personality.

Dr. Given learned this trick from an experienced veterinarian early in her career, who claimed it works equally well for both cats and dogs.

Like many other trends, the “dangle test” became a TikTok sensation. Numerous proud cat parents have tried it with their beloved fluffs, with varying degrees of success.

However, one video in particular took the TikTok world by storm! 

photos of man and woman each holding a cat
Credit: @al3xiss.w

TikTok creator Alexis and her partner filmed a video featuring their two cats – an orange tabby and a mackerel tabby. Both cats passed the “dangle test” with flying colors, but it was the ginger one who stole the show with her adorable grin.

While participating in the test, the orange fluff sported a long-suffering smile, that uncannily mirrored her owner’s, as if they had planned it all along. 

TikTok folks were completely smitten with the two fluffy felines, especially the orange one. Captivated by her irresistible smile, many expressed their complete admiration for the ginger fluff.

One person commented:

“The orange cat is literally smiling for the camera.”

I couldn’t agree more – she truly appears as if she just heard someone say, “Say cheese!”

man holding ginger cat
Credit: @al3xiss.w

In a matter of days, the couple’s adorable video went viral and now has over 5.3 million views. 

Alexis and her partner surely didn’t anticipate that their cat would make them TikTok famous. Who could have imagined such a thing, anyway?

Well, as the famous Internet saying goes, “It’s always the orange cat!” Whether they’re turning your home into chaos or catapulting you to fame, a ginger kitty is undoubtedly everyone’s go-to companion in all aspects!

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